Hands-on workshop

Using Trino for your data transformations - Trino as a tool for ETL

July 24 | 8:00am PT / 11:00am ET / 4:00 BST


About the workshop:

Think you can only tackle your ETL transformations with Spark? Think again! While you may be used to performing data transformations via Python or Scala, the truth is you can still perform this same work with SQL. Many still think of Trino strictly as an ad-hoc analytics engine, but companies large and small utilize Trino as their ETL engine of choice.  In this hands-on workshop, Monica Miller, Senior Developer Advocate at Starburst, will walk you through SQL’s history and rising popularity as the new status quo for transforming your data. Join us on July 24 to bust the intertwined myths that SQL can’t be used for data transformations and that other engines are a better choice for ETL or long-running workloads than Trino.

Session highlights:

  • Review transformation processing activities and compare SQL and programmatic approaches
  • Build a SQL-based data pipeline using Trino
  • Schedule the pipeline with Starburst Galaxy’s SQL jobs functionality

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Monica Miller

Senior Developer Advocate at Starburst

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