Starburst Enterprise on Red Hat

Scalable SQL-on-anything

Starburst Enterprise on Red Hat Openshift

The power to query anything with SQL

Starburst Enterprise integrates with the scalable cloud storage and computing services provided by Red Hat OpenShift with a more stable, secure, efficient, and cost-effective way to query all your enterprise data, wherever it resides.

Starburst Enterprise gives you the freedom to interrogate diverse data sets wherever they are located, without building separate data warehouses. Instantly and simultaneously query data in a Red Hat Ceph Storage data lake, a SQL or NoSQL database running on Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage, and many other environments.

Combining Starburst Enterprise with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform offers automation, high availability, elasticity, and monitoring for Trino (formerly Presto® SQL) clusters. Starburst is also available on the Red Hat Marketplace.


Starburst and Red Hat OpenShift operators provide auto-configuration, auto-tuning, and auto-management of clusters. The Red Hat OpenShift operator determines what to deploy, including identifying the hardware and provisioning new instances. The Starburst operator manages updates to the environment.

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High availability & graceful scaledown

Continuous operation of the Trino Coordinator is essential to delivering business value. Using liveness proves, the Red Hat OpenShift load balancer can keep services like the Trino Coordinator in an always-on state. Reduced load doesn’t mean system downtime or killed queries. The Kubernetes HPA will gracefully scaledown and decommission unused Trino worker pods and free system resources for other tasks without an interruption in service.

Elastic scalability

Red Hat OpenShift can automatically scale the Trino worker cluster based on query load. Using the Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA), organizations can specify thresholds for Trino worker pods. As the number of queries increases, the HPA will automatically spin up additional Trino worker pods based on specified system constraints.

Red Hat Marketplace availability

Red Hat Marketplace customers can deploy Starburst Enterprise within their hybrid or multi-cloud environments to quickly access and analyze data across any data source. Our solution for Red Hat is a fully supported, production-tested, and enterprise-grade distribution of open source Trino.

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