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Starburst Enterprise on Google Cloud

Combine the cloud computing services provided by Google Cloud with the power of Trino, the fastest growing distributed SQL query engine.

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Scalable SQL & data integration for Google Cloud

The power to query anything with SQL

Starburst Enterprise is available on Google Cloud and can be deployed in the Google Cloud Marketplace or using the Starburst Kubernetes solution onto the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). GKE is a secure, production ready, managed Kubernetes service in Google Cloud managing for containerized applications. Starburst Enterprise on Google Cloud includes:

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A new architecture for data warehousing in the cloud

With Starburst Enterprise on Google Cloud, you can realize the value of cloud computing alongside the SQL-on-Anything query engine.

Starburst facilitates the provisioning of Trino clusters on Google Cloud. Simply spin up a cluster and begin leveraging their flexible compute capabilities against any data source of any size.

You can now deploy Starburst Enterprise directly from the Google Cloud Marketplace. You can also deploy by using the kubectl tool and a YAML file describing the configuration to deploy Trino on GKE. The kubectl utility is useful for those comfortable at the command line.

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Google Data Sources

Starburst’s extensible connector model allow you to query data where it lives. With Starburst Enterprise you can query data stored in Google Cloud Storage, Google BigQuery, and Google CloudSQL.


Separation of storage and compute enables Starburst Enterprise to scale easily and efficiently to analyze petabytes of data. You can scale compute resources elastically on demand to handle more users or more data.

Starburst Enterprise on Google Cloud monitors your workload and automatically scales your Trino cluster up or down to meet its desired capacity, enabling you to maintain steady, predictable performance at the lowest possible cost to your organization.

Google Cloud Marketplace availability

Google Cloud customers can easily deploy Starburst Enterprise within their cloud environment to access and analyze data across any source. With just a few clicks, customers can deploy Starburst Enterprise via the Google Cloud Marketplace and leverage its analytics capabilities across multiple data sources. Seamless integration of Starburst Enterprise with Dataproc, GKE, BigQuery, BI Engine, Looker, and other Google Products ensures the best Trino offering and experience in the market.

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Get started with Starburst Enterprise on Google Cloud and use Trino to query any data source, of any size.

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