Data products

Enable data producers and consumers to create, publish, discover, and manage curated datasets.

Shortening the path from raw data to trusted insights

Increase business agility with efficient data pipelines

Data products have a profound impact on data engineers, revolutionizing their data pipeline management and empowering them to tackle the challenges of modern data architecture. By providing a flexible and consolidated solution, Starburst simplifies the complex process of ETL and eliminates the need for ad hoc tooling, reducing the burden on data engineers. With a single pane of glass to manage data pipelines, catalog datasets, and access controls, data engineers gain full visibility and control over their data ecosystem, resulting in increased productivity and reduced operational overhead costs

  • Eliminate days, weeks, and months of delays
  • Drive self-service capabilities, improve data quality, and deliver faster insights to data consumers
  • Transform your data architecture, reduce maintenance costs, and achieve better data engineering outcomes

Discover, collaborate, and trust. The future of data analysis is here

Data products revolutionizes the way data is discovered, accessed, and analyzed. With data existing in multiple sources, data analysts often face the daunting task of finding and accessing the data they need. Data products eliminates the time wasted searching for data, and reduces the risk of duplicating efforts or using stale, incomplete, or inaccurate datasets. With the ability to use their preferred tools to access datasets, data analysts have the flexibility to leverage familiar technologies and maximize their productivity in generating insights and analytics. With full visibility into data quality and lineage, data consumers can trust the data they are working with, enhance productivity, and make informed decisions

  • All your curated data sets in one place, easily accessible with the tools of your choice
  • Full searchable, business-approved datasets for efficient data discovery and analysis
  • Self-service access to all data, optimized workflows, and secure access at granular levels

Free domain experts to generate unique insights without the burden of a centralized data strategy

Transforming data consumption in a decentralized environment

Embracing a decentralized architecture with data products transforms the way organizations manage and leverage data. In a data mesh approach, data engineering and software engineering converge, working closely with data product owners to produce curated, high-quality datasets. Starburst data products are at the forefront of this transformation, providing a comprehensive platform for data producers and consumers in a decentralized environment. With Starburst data products, data engineers have streamlined visibility into domains, queries, and owners, allowing them to apply product thinking to data. Simultaneously, data consumers benefit from easy access to trusted and approved data products, complete with metrics, ratings, bookmarks, and more. 

  • Empower domain-specific data producers, fostering ownership and accountability
  • Drive seamless collaboration for improved data management and insightful analytics
  • Create a scalable and flexible data architecture to enable data mesh

Strengthening governance in the data product ecosystem

Starburst comprehensive native fine-grained access controls to protect sensitive data and ensure the integrity of the entire data ecosystem.  Customers can define and enforce access controls at multiple levels, including domain-level or individual data product-level security. This enables administrators to grant specific privileges to roles or groups, such as the ability to publish data products, execute queries, or access tables. With granular control over permissions, organizations can enforce least privilege principles and ensure that users have access only to the data they need. Furthermore, Starburst integrates with existing authentication and authorization systems, enabling seamless integration into the organization’s security infrastructure

  • Secure data products against breaches with strict security measures
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and data privacy through robust governance
  • Main data integrity and accountability with fine-grained access control and auditing

Data products can benefit any analytics journey, large or small, on-premises or multiple clouds, in a warehouse or a lake. And federates across all of them.

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