A gateway for global cross-cloud analytics

Due to increasingly stringent data transfer and sovereignty regulations, multinational companies have struggled to find a solution to analyze data that resides across borders. This challenge has often forced strategic decisions to be made on partial analysis due to incomplete or missing data. In an environment of shifting privacy laws, it’s increasingly difficult for businesses to analyze critical data quickly, and at scale, while ensuring compliance.

Starburst Enterprise offers a solution with a unique approach to addressing this challenge of accessing data across borders, while at the same time staying in accordance with regulations: Starburst Stargate.

How it works

Starburst Stargate enables Starburst Enterprise customers to link catalogs and data sources supported by one Starburst cluster to other catalogs and data sources in remote Starburst clusters. Stargate becomes a gateway for unlocking data access across geographies while ensuring access controls are in place, and data residency requirements are honored.

Starburst Stargate Use Cases

Data Sovereignty

Enabling analytics on data across physical boundaries, without needing to move it, while ensuring data privacy and access controls are intact. Customers can ensure compliance with data privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA.

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Distributed Data Mesh

Data mesh encourages domain-driven data ownership, while centralized IT delivers core tech capabilities that allow teams to store, manage, and govern their data. Starburst Stargate operates as the SQL-based query engine that operates across a data mesh architecture.

Cross-cloud Analytics

Customers have struggled with cloud data lock-in. High egress fees have hindered analytics across data stored in multiple clouds. Starburst Stargate breaks down data access barriers across clouds and regions, empowering organizations with full, accurate insights from their global data.

Starburst Stargate is built for secure global hybrid and cross-cloud analytics. It’s the final frontier in our vision of enabling analytics anywhere.

Starburst Stargate includes many core performance and security features:

Link multiple Starburst clusters

Enables users to connect to and query data from any catalog supported by the remote Starburst cluster, without configuring catalogs in two places

Table statistics

Includes support for table statistics that can be used by the cost-based optimizer for increased query processing performance


Supports pushdown of aggregate functions, LIMIT pushdown, dynamic filtering and related performance improvements

User Impersonation

Authenticates users in the external service using credentials stored in the connector properties file

Credential Passthrough

Supports passthrough of password authentication credentials to the underlying data source

Kerberos Support

Connector supports Kerberos authentication

Fine-grained access control

Via our Apache Ranger integration, access control rules are managed by the local entity where the data lives and prescribed for consumers.

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