New Starburst Presto Enterprise Solution Provides Analytics at Scale; Brings Together Disparate Datasets into One View

Data architects can now provide agile data access for applications and end users regardless of underlying data lakes or data warehouse infrastructure  


BOSTON, March 6, 2019Starburst Data, the Presto company, today announced new features for Starburst Presto Enterprise, an agnostic SQL engine that powers the fastest queries available for large and complex data sources. In an industry first, Starburst Data launched Mission Control, a management console that lets data and infrastructure architects easily create, access, and manage multiple data clusters from a single, unified, easy-to-use console. Additionally, Mission Control makes it simple for data analysts to seamlessly access the data they need, no matter its location.

Today’s cloud-native data warehouse vendors are focused on building a closed environment where it’s not easy to move or integrate with existing on-premises data sources or multi-cloud environments. This approach makes it time- and resource-intensive for data architects and IT teams to provide fast access to their company’s data, which slows down end user productivity. Starburst Presto allows data to be queried anywhere, commoditizing the storage layer and removing the need for time-consuming ETL (extract, transform, load) functions, expensive storage migrations, and other capital expenditures.

Starburst Presto Enterprise gives enterprises the flexibility to access their data warehouses, data lakes or critical data stores — whether on-premises or within multi-cloud instances such as Azure, Google, and AWS — without the need to connect the disparate database sources. This capability creates the optimal separation of compute and storage, and provides the freedom to connect to and query any data source, eliminating data vendor lock-in.

Mission Control also allows for the easy creation and storing of templates to deploy and configure clusters, which previously had to be built from scratch each time. Data architects can automatically define the data sources to which Presto clusters will connect. Starburst Presto Enterprise enables IT teams to give their end users what they need today — fast and easy access to data — without having to work around complex data migrations or long-term projects.

In addition to Mission Control, enhancements to Starburst Presto Enterprise include:

  • Security – Improvement to the integrations within Presto that leverage Apache Ranger and Apache Sentry
  • Connectors – Introduced Google BigQuery connector and a generic Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) connector that allows connections to other JDBC data sources not named as Presto Connectors
  • Core Performance and Scale – Furthered spill-to-disk support for SQL queries enables processing of large amounts of data when a Presto cluster does not have enough aggregate memory, and added data statistics collection for use by the Cost Based Optimizer, increasing Presto performance
  • AWS-specific enhancements:
    • Coordinator High Availability for automatic restarts and configuration of a failed coordinator
    • Apache Ranger support with AWS Glue Data Catalog, an industry first, for better security
    • New visualization dashboard in AWS CloudWatch using native Presto metrics
    • Standalone metastore service to store schema information of data in S3, allowing the use of Starburst Presto without requiring a Hadoop installation
    • Performance improvements

“End users don’t care where the data is located when they request access to it, so we’re asking IT teams to shift their own thinking around this — leave the data where it is,” said Justin Borgman, chief executive officer, Starburst Data. “If you’re going to migrate data from one source to another, whether it’s for cost performance or metrics, separate that process from the criticality of the insights your users are trying to find.”



Starburst Data’s Mission Control application for Starburst Presto is available immediately for AWS with more platforms and features coming online in the following quarters.

For more information about the new features added to Starburst Presto Enterprise, please attend a free webinar, taking place at 3:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, March 19, 2019. Attendees will gain an overview of Starburst Presto and our latest Q1 product release, including a live demonstration of the new Mission Control application. To register, please click here.


About Starburst Data

Starburst Data is the enterprise Presto software company. Founded by leading developers of the open source Presto project, the Starburst solutions give companies the fastest access to their data available on the market. Starburst’s Enterprise distribution of Presto provides analysts with the ability to perform fast, interactive queries on data wherever data lives, including popular sources such as HDFS, S3 and S3-compatible object stores, Azure Blob Storage, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, Kafka, and Teradata, among others. To learn more about Presto or to download the latest version of Starburst Presto, please visit https://www.starburstdata.com/


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