Starburst announces 6X revenue & customer growth in 2019, bolsters leadership team

Driven by massive Presto adoption and Starburst product innovation, growth trajectory mirrors the most successful SaaS companies


BOSTON, Feb 4, 2020Starburst today announced a 600% year-over-year annual recurring revenue growth, and a 620% customer growth for 2019. On the heels of raising one of the largest Series A investments to date in the Northeast led by Index Ventures, Starburst is on a mission to modernize big data access & analytics.

Every large enterprise in the world suffers from a data silo problem, where data is created and stored in a variety of disparate systems. Traditional data warehouse products approach the problem by requiring customers to create duplicate copies of data from those source systems, transform it, and load it into one “single source of truth.” This approach is extremely time and resource-intensive and results in painful vendor lock-in. Open source Presto is the fastest-growing distributed SQL query engine available today and addresses these data silo and speed of access problems. Starburst Presto is purpose-built to ensure Presto security, performance, and connectivity to meet the needs for big data access at scale.

Presto was created in 2012 at Facebook by David Phillips, Martin Traverso, and Dain Sundstrom. In 2019 Starburst welcomed David, Martin, and Dain to the Starburst founding team, and with the Presto community, they completed 28 releases comprised of more than 2850 commits. This growth is also driven by some of the world’s most innovative companies, and Starburst was able to bring this community together over two Presto Summits in San Francisco and New York.

“I truly believe we’re ushering in a new era for data access & analytics,” said Starburst co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Justin Borgman. “This is the beginning of the end of overly complex and cost-intensive ways of moving & preparing big data for analysis. The volume and variety of data will continue to grow at a fast pace, and today’s approaches involve too much ETL and too many data warehouses & lakes that still don’t get data to analysts fast enough. We’re on a mission to power analytics anywhere. We’re making it possible to extend the benefits of data warehousing to data where it lives, and I’m excited to see our team address this opportunity in 2020 and beyond.”

Starburst customers experience significant benefits related to reducing their ETL workload and being able to run analytics on data anywhere. EMIS Health (EMIS Group PLC) is a UK-based software company providing healthcare solutions to 60% of the UK population. “We’re in the business of making sure the right data is available at the right time to save lives,” Said Richard Jarvis, Chief Analytics Officer at EMIS Health. “In working with Presto and Starburst, we’re able to provide fast and secure access to patient records to ensure the right care is administered. This can only be achieved by querying the data where it lives instead of having to move it, and we’ve experienced great benefits as a result.”

Starburst 2019 highlights include:

  • Three major software releases including Starburst Mission Control which simplifies the management of Starburst Presto clusters, Kubernetes support for Presto, high availability for Presto clusters, and high performance Teradata, Snowflake, Google BigQuery, and IBM DB2 connectors to ensure customer’s Presto success on the platform of their choice. A final product highlight was the launch of the Starburst cost-based optimizer for Oracle, DB2, Teradata, PostgreSQL, and other data sources.
  • Significant customer growth in industries such as retail with Zalando, high tech with Prezi, and financial services with FINRA.
  • New exciting partnership agreements with the largest cloud platforms include Starburst Presto Enterprise availability on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, and direct purchase via the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. Starbursts’ support of Kubernetes is enabling usage of Presto on Google Kubernetes Engine, Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform, Azure Kubernetes Service, and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service.

To support this growth, Starburst has grown the team 230%. Key leadership hires include Jordan Ostroff as the Vice President of Sales, who formerly led sales at Rubrik, Jess Iandiorio as the Chief Marketing Officer, who formerly led marketing at Mirakl and product marketing at Acquia; and Jason van Zyl, the creator of the Apache Maven Project.

To cap it off Starburst received excellent recognition being named one of the 10 Hottest Big Data Startups by CRN, 2019 ‘Top 5 Vendors to watch’ by Datanami, and one of BuiltInBoston’s 50 Startups to Watch in 2020.


About Starburst

Starburst is on a mission to power analytics anywhere. We help companies quickly unlock the value of their data by making it easy to access. We do this with Presto, an open source SQL query engine that enables data consumers to access any data where it lies. Starburst Enterprise Presto is purpose-built to ensure Presto security & performance at scale. Starburst also provides enterprise-grade features and 24×7 support from the Presto experts. Organizations like Zalando, Comcast, and FINRA rely on Starburst to execute fast queries across their data lake, and even federate queries across different sources. Stop moving data, start using data. For more information: www.starburstdata.com


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