Starburst announces new product release including advanced lakehouse analytics capabilities

New Capabilities In Starburst Enterprise Empower Data Teams to Modify Data Directly in Delta Lake, Adds New Connectors for Customer 360 Analytics, and Now Supports AWS GovCloud

BOSTON, May 26, 2021 Starburst, the analytics anywhere company, today announced the availability of the latest version of Starburst Enterprise at the Data + AI Summit. The new release provides Starburst customers with net new capabilities alongside more advanced connectivity, improved performance, and more robust security. Among the net new capabilities, Starburst’s Delta Lake Connector now includes support for Data Manipulation Language (DML) to empower data analysts, platform admins, and engineers with Delta Lake write capability. By allowing companies to read and write to Delta Lake, Starburst can help with your path to a Lakehouse architecture. 

 “Managing a data lake is often time-consuming and can become an operational nightmare. Updating existing data in the traditional lake is difficult to do correctly and nearly impossible to do efficiently.  This makes it difficult for data scientists and analysts to harness the power of their data,” said Matt Fuller, VP, Product and co-founder of Starburst Data. “The added DML feature to our Delta Lake Connector simplifies data management and accelerates data team productivity on their path to a Lakehouse architecture.” 

 In addition to new Delta Lake write capabilities, this release of Starburst Enterprise includes these new offerings:

  • Added support for AWS GovCloud. Federal, state and local government and educational institutions require specialized systems approved for high security use cases, and can now leverage Starburst Enterprise in the GovCloud.
  • New connectors for Salesforce and IBM Netezza, to help companies that aspire to achieve a complete Customer 360 view. In particular, the Salesforce connector will help companies connect critical customer interaction data to other systems, enabling a better understanding of the customer journey, allowing marketers to personalize customer experiences & sales teams to meet demand. This is all done without having to copy or replicate data outside of Salesforce.
  • A new user interface, Starburst Insights, which provides a holistic view of a customer’s cluster environment and query history. Starburst Insights also provides an integrated SQL Integrated Development Environment (IDE), referred to as Worksheets, to allow users to explore data and run queries without requiring any external tools.
  • A new enhancement, Starburst Cached Views, adds caching capabilities across different data sources that are transparent to the end user. For example, data from a relational database may be cached on S3. The end user will still issue the same query to the relational source and Starburst will redirect to read from the relational table to the cache in S3. Starburst Cached Views allows customers to incrementally update new rows of data, without needing to do a full refresh.

 Starburst has also doubled down on connectivity, performance, and security with many significant feature updates including:

  • Improved connectors: In addition to Delta Lake Connector improvements, various enhancements were made to the Starburst Teradata, Snowflake, Hive, Kafka, and Elasticsearch Connectors.
  • Improved performance: Starburst has continued to improve performance by adding caching and pushdown functionality to processing queries, or parts of queries, into the connected data source, resulting in faster queries, and reduced network traffic or load on remote data sources. 
  • Improved security: In addition to AWS GovCloud support, additional authentication methods, such as OIDC, have been added to various connectors, including Kafka, Snowflake, SQL Server, and Synapse.

 For more information, register for Starburst Enterprise’s Q2 (LTS 356-e) Release Webinar on Thursday, June 17th. 

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