Starburst Introduces Galaxy: A Distributed Analytics Platform For Everyone

The fully automated, cloud-native service enables the fastest path to analytics across data silos to inform better business decisions

BOSTON, MA — Feb. 9, 2021 — Starburst, the analytics anywhere company, today announced the public beta release of its first-ever fully managed offering, Starburst Galaxy.  The cloud-native service empowers users with fast access to all data, and easier ways to manage it, wherever it resides. Starburst Galaxy will remove the complexity of data movement and copies and accelerate data-driven decision making. The release is timed with Starburst’s first annual data strategy event, Datanova, which kicks off today.

Starburst Galaxy is built specifically for multi-cloud analytics, enabling organizations to reexamine their data analytics strategy with the only enterprise-grade distribution of the open source Trino MPP SQL query engine. Trino, formerly known as Presto SQL, was created by Starburst employees Martin Traverso, Dain Sundstrom, David Phillips, and Eric Hwang while they were at Facebook to provide fast and accurate analytics across the petabytes of data the company collects.

With Galaxy, in just a few clicks, users have access to data across a variety of sources, making data instantly actionable. It decreases the time-to-insight with production ready Trino, built-in security,  and an easy-to-use interface.

The release of Galaxy comes on the heels of Starburst’s recent $100 million funding round that launched the company to a $1.2 billion valuation. Galaxy will help Starburst expand into a broader market to serve organizations without the internal resources, technical skills or bandwidth to quickly and easily take control of their data analytics. Starburst continues to develop Starburst Enterprise, the solution which all Starburst clients benefit from today, which is a self-managed offering allowing organizations to deploy & manage Starburst wherever they choose. This solution is critical for large organizations who need Starburst on-premises, and will continue it’s development path. As a managed service, Starburst Galaxy will reduce deployment time and operational challenges, enabling organizations to more quickly realize the value of their data.

“Data consumers can’t afford to wait to access & analyze more of their data. Galaxy provides faster time-to-insight for data consumers, reduces complexity for data engineers, and gives data operations teams tools to control costs. This is another big step toward our ultimate goal of building  the industry’s first hybrid analytics environment for powering the 100% data-driven organization,” said Matt Fuller, co-founder and VP of Product at Starburst. “We’re helping companies move from the expensive ‘single source of truth’ ideology made famous by decades-old data warehouses, to a ‘single point of access’, which enables organizations to access all data across multiple cloud providers and even on premises without having to understand and manage the complicated underlying infrastructure.”

Starburst Galaxy is designed for people who need to quickly access more data, but need to do so with the skills they already have. Starburst Galaxy key benefits include:

  • Reduced infrastructure management overhead for data operations pros. Starburst Galaxy simplifies cluster management, provides tools to help optimize queries and control costs, and provides cost transparency to enable chargeback.
  • Reduced data movement & copy burden for data engineers.  With the ability to access data where it lives, including joining data from different sources, Starburst Galaxy reduces the need to move & copy data for analytics. The end result is faster
  • Better & faster decision-making on more data for data consumers. Data analysts & scientists benefit from faster access to new data for ad hoc + discovery analytics, reduced reliance on data engineering for data movement,  and can seamlessly join data across sources, all while continuing to self-service with their BI tool of choice.
  • Enables a data-driven organization while achieving data governance. Starburst Galaxy includes global security features including authentication, fine-grained access control, detailed security auditing and more. Companies no longer need to make tradeoffs between data access security and speed.

Starburst is uniquely qualified to offer this managed Trino offering. Starburst’s team includes veterans that hold decades of experience in databases and data processing, and specifically almost a decade of operational experience with Trino. All four creators of the open source project are on the Starburst team.

“As a Starburst customer and partner, Promethium is extremely excited to be one of the first beta users of Starburst Galaxy,” said Kaycee Lai, Founder & CEO, Promethium. “This new cloud-based service will bring us many additional benefits including easier Trino deployment and  management, and will give us greater flexibility on Promethium’s future roadmap. Ultimately these benefits will make their way to our end customers who benefit from Starburst being embedded in our platform.”

Starburst Galaxy is available now in public beta on AWS, with general availability and additional cloud providers becoming available in the future. For more information, visit www.starburst.io.

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