Starburst Launches Its Partner Program with Slalom, Trace3, Tableau, Looker, and Google Cloud On Board

Starburst invites partners to help customers make better decisions faster by accessing all data

BOSTON — November 12, 2020 —Starburst today unveiled Starburst Orbit, the company’s partner program, designed to create a robust ecosystem to help companies make better decisions, faster on all data.  Starburst Orbit is a flexible membership program that provides partners with multiple options for engaging with Starburst, and Starburst customers, based on their goals and objectives. As the pandemic upended analytics, with new behavioral patterns and data sources that teams need to quickly access & analyze, a renewed focus on giving teams fast access to all their data has emerged.  Starburst is ready to arm partners with the tools and expertise required to help organizations quickly connect newer data sources with existing data in their data warehouse or data lake.

By joining Starburst Orbit, partners can both add and extract value from Starburst Enterprise for Presto, the fastest distributed data query engine available today. With high-performance connectors, fine-grained access controls, and 24/7 support, Starburst enables Orbit partners to meet enterprise requirements for fast data access at scale. Today’s digital economy is shifting organizations toward a more flexible architecture, and Starburst provides its partners and their customers with the flexibility to unlock the value of data everywhere.

“Starburst offers a critical decision-making engine that gives teams fast access to all data, which is now even more urgent given that COVID has rendered some historical data obsolete,” said Justin Borgman, CEO at Starburst. “We’re excited to launch our partner program because we see our partner ecosystem as critical to making our customers successful.  Starburst Orbit empowers our partner community to help companies across the globe unlock the potential of all of their data regardless of its location, enabling them to make better decisions faster that will impact revenue, customer engagement, and their overall strategy.”

For partners, Starburst Orbit offers different program options that align with each company’s strategy. The options include:

  • Starburst Orbit for Consultants & System Integrators – offers a co-sell relationship with Starburst that grants access to financial benefits, knowledge, and sales enablement resources.
  • Starburst Orbit for Resell Partners – designed to enable go-to-market success for resell partners aligned to Starburst in order to generate revenue and profit, drive new customer acquisition and overall growth.
  • Starburst Orbit for Technology Partners – designed to create alignment, value-added solutions, tight integration, and co-sell relationships with other key ecosystem technologies to generate referral fees, better integration, and joint-solution offerings.

“By teaming with Starburst, Looker users can now access all their disparate data sources as if they’re in one place, all without first having to consolidate them. We’re excited to be collaborating with the Starburst team to help organizations leverage even the most siloed data across departments,” said Shohei Narron, Technology Partner Manager at  Looker, the business intelligence and analytics platform from Google Cloud.

“As organizations look to transform and develop a modern culture of data, Slalom is focused on helping them achieve new levels of velocity and become insights-driven businesses.  With Starburst, Slalom is rapidly helping our clients scale their data fabric through a single source of access for analytics across the enterprise,“ said Greg Taylor, Southwest Regional Delivery Team Director at Slalom.

“At Trace3 we find technology leaders are looking to take their data and use it to drive business outcomes.  We’ve found that Starburst and their latest offering Orbit is another amazing solution to bring to Trace3’s Enterprise data customers.  It fits perfect into our strategy of “Ingest to Insight” and we are excited to partner with Starburst on their new Orbit program,” said Josh Lindstrom, Principal Consultant, Data Intelligence, at Trace3.

This news comes on the heels of Starburst Enterprise for Presto becoming available on the Microsoft Azure marketplace, in addition to running on Red Hat, AWS, and GCP marketplaces. For more information on Starburst Orbit, you can visit www.starburstdata.com/partners/.

The founding Starburst Orbit partners include Abzooba, Alation, AWS, Google Cloud, Immuta, Insight, Looker, Microsoft, Privacera, RCG, Red Hat,  Slalom, Tableau, Trace3, and several others.

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Starburst unlocks the value of data by making it fast and easy to access anywhere. Starburst queries data across any database, making it instantly actionable for organizations. With Starburst, teams can lower the total cost of their infrastructure and analytics investments, prevent vendor lock-in, and use the tools that work best for their business.

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