Starburst Releases Cloud-Optimized Presto for Amazon AWS

Enables High-Performance Business Intelligence and SQL Analytics in the Cloud

Boston, June 19, 2018Starburst, the Presto company, today announced its AWS Marketplace offering for Presto, enabling Business Intelligence (BI) and SQL analytics in Amazon’s cloud platform. Using Starburst’s cloud-optimized Presto along with Apache Superset, or popular BI tools, users can perform analytics and gain insights directly from data in S3, Hadoop, relational databases, NoSQL engines and other data sources. Starburst automatically configures Presto for optimal query performance and makes it easy to scale clusters on demand. The Marketplace offering is available as an on-demand consumption-based service, enabling customers to pay for only what they use.

“With each Starburst release, Presto becomes faster and faster. That speed, combined with enterprise features such as security and support for popular BI tools, is making the Starburst distro the Presto of choice for production environments,” said Matt Fuller, co-founder and VP Engineering at Starburst. “Our cloud offering allows customers to elastically increase or decrease their cluster size to optimize for performance and cost, saving critical time and money on Big Data analytics projects.”

The Starburst AWS Marketplace offering includes Presto’s first Cost-Based Optimizer (CBO) for faster and more efficient analytical queries. Starburst’s distro also comes with connectors for many widely used BI and analysis applications including MS Excel, Information Builders WebFOCUS, Looker, MicroStrategy, Qlik Sense and QlikView, Tableau and Zoomdata. 24×7 Enterprise Support for Presto is available for an additional fee. For those customers seeking the power of Presto without any administrative burden, Starburst also offers PrestoCare™, the company’s managed service for Presto.

Starburst’s Presto release for AWS can be found at: https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B07DKV5659.

About Starburst

Starburst was founded by leading developers of the open source Presto project. Starburst’s Enterprise Distribution of Presto provides analysts with the ability to perform fast, interactive queries on data wherever data lives, including popular sources such as HDFS, S3 and S3-compatible object stores, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, Kafka, and Teradata, among others.

To learn more about Presto or to download the latest version of Starburst’s distribution, please visit starburstdata.com.

Starburst and the Starburst logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Starburst Data, Inc.


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