Starburst Unveils Data Lake Analytics Platform at Galaxy Launch Week 2023

New capabilities address the growing challenge of data sprawl and how to uncover & analyze dark data

BOSTON, June 20, 2023— Starburst, today, unveiled its data lake analytics platform vision by introducing a series of groundbreaking capabilities on the first day of Starburst Galaxy Launch Week – a four-day event dedicated to shipping new features in Starburst Galaxy. With today’s announcements, Starburst is empowering teams to modernize their data lake strategy by providing a single point of access for teams to discover, govern, and analyze the data in and around their data lake. 

The sheer volume of data being produced by companies means data lakes will and should become the center of gravity for any data-driven organization. However, some level of decentralization is inevitable as organizations continue to grow. According to a recent BCG report, more than 50% of the data that some organizations store today is considered “dark data” which means it’s not used to derive insights or for decision making. 

Starburst’s fully-managed data lake analytics platform is uniquely designed to enable organizations to illuminate the dark data in and around their lake. Key pillars and new features of the platform include:

  • Simplicity through a unified access and governance layer: With the public preview of Gravity, Starburst Galaxy now provides a centralized access and governance solution for all your connected data sources, with capabilities like Galaxy’s metastore, automated data catalogs, search, attribute-based access control (ABAC), as well as the ability to create and share data products. 
  • Access to the all data in and around your lake: Whereas other vendors prefer ingestion before access, with the announcement of cross-cloud querying in Starburst Galaxy, you can now explore all your data – across clouds, regions, and data sources – before moving it, so you can be intentional about the data you move into your lake or warehouse.
  • Optionality that works with any architecture: Starburst truly separates storage from compute by allowing you to connect your own pre-existing storage to Galaxy. For access and governance, the new Gravity layer treats any data store like a first-class entity, so your teams can choose the format and tools that are right for their workload without the burden of being locked into a central format. And the addition of Partner Connect makes it easy for you to quickly connect to the data, BI & Visualization, and ML tools you use today – directly within the platform. 
  • Scalability for any workload: With features like cluster sizing, autoscaling, and cluster types, you can easily match your infrastructure to the needs of your workload in just a few clicks. And now, with the addition of Warp Speed in Starburst Galaxy, you get access to the fastest way to run interactive analytics on your data lake. Early customer testing indicates the patented indexing technology increases query speeds by an average of 40% against the data lake, unlocking new use cases for Starburst Galaxy including embedded analytics. Galaxy will scale not only with your growing data volume, but also as more users access your products and data apps, with the ability to to handle ad-hoc queries, and long-running batch workloads.

Regarding how Starburst Galaxy is delivering value to customers, Simon Thelin, Lead Data Engineer at 7Bridges said, “Starburst Galaxy’s speed and agility has been crucial to helping us scale up our operations. In our BI workloads, we’ve seen queries that used to take 45 minutes execute in under a minute. And, for our data science and data analyst teams that want to get their hands on the data, it’s very easy to attach individual compute resources to those workloads without a bunch of manual tuning.”

This platform announcement also comes on the heels of new connectors between dbt Cloud, Tabular and Starburst Galaxy that allow dbt Cloud and Tabular users to easily build modern open data lake architectures and data pipelines spanning multiple data sources on one central plane. Starburst Galaxy is now generally available and can be implemented in just a few clicks.

“Data teams are bogged down with complexity, often dealing with data silos within their organizations, forced to jump through multiple solutions just to understand what data they have and where it is located before they can even begin to think about its value,” said Justin Borgman, Co-founder & CEO, Starburst. “We believe Starburst Galaxy can act as an architectural centerpiece for modern data lakes that combines low cost commodity infrastructure with open formats and global federated access.”

To learn more about launch week, or to start your free trial of Starburst Galaxy, please visit our website: https://www.starburst.io/launch-week.

About Starburst

For data-driven companies, Starburst offers a full-featured data lake analytics platform, built on open source Trino. Our platform includes the capabilities needed to discover, organize, and consume data without the need for time-consuming and costly migrations. We believe the lake should be the center of gravity, and be the starting point for querying disparate data. With Starburst, teams can access more complete data, lower the cost of infrastructure, use the tools best suited to their specific needs, and avoid vendor lock-in. Trusted by companies like Comcast, Grubhub, and Priceline, Starburst helps companies make better decisions faster on all their data.

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