Starburst’s Query Optimizer for Presto Enables 10-15x Faster Queries

Complemented by PrestoCare, Starburst’s Full-Service Offering that Manages Presto Environments

Boston, March 29, 2018 Starburst, the Presto company, today released its Enterprise Distribution of Presto, Version 195e, with the open source query engine’s first Cost-Based Optimizer (CBO). The company also introduced PrestoCare™, Starburst’s managed service offering for customers that want to leverage the power of Presto without the administrative burden.

“Leading internet companies including Facebook, Airbnb, Netflix, Twitter and Uber already benefit from Presto’s performance, but Starburst’s new CBO is another giant leap forward for this open source project,” said Justin Borgman, co-founder at Starburst. “Internal performance testing and customer benchmarking show a greater than 10x performance improvement for many analytical queries such as those in TPC-H and TPC-DS.”

Starburst’s release featuring the new CBO is now available online for download at: https://www.starburstdata.com/our-offerings/.

PrestoCare, a fully managed Presto service, is also available now, enabling customers to focus on their core business while leaving Presto administration to the experts. Starburst’s highly experienced team leverages industry best practices to optimize Presto environments for peak performance, while providing new levels of stability and efficiency.

Learn more about PrestoCare here:

About Starburst

Starburst was founded by many of the leading developers of the open source Presto project. Starburst’s Enterprise Distribution of Presto provides analysts with the ability to perform fast, interactive queries on data wherever data lives, including popular sources such as HDFS, S3-compatible object stores, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, Kafka, and Teradata, among others.

To learn more about Presto or to download the latest version of Starburst’s distribution, please visit starburstdata.com.

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