The best of both worlds: Achieving query latency and flexibility with Apache Pinot and Trino – Datanova 2023

Apache Pinot is an open-source, distributed OLAP datastore built to provide real-time analytics at ultra low-latency and extremely high throughput, typically needed for user facing workloads. Trino is a distributed, ANSI compliant SQL query engine that can process complex interactive queries over various data sources. By combining the power of Pinot and Trino, we unlock the ability to do complex ad-hoc analysis on real-time data as well as federate queries across Pinot and other data sources. Furthermore, by intelligently pushing down predicates and aggregation functions to Pinot, we can accelerate overall query performance. Listen to Chinmay Soman, founding engineer at Startree, discuss Apache Pinot and the architectural contexts in which combining both technologies together provides speed and scalability without sacrificing flexibility.


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