The Data Platform for AI

Your data strategy is your AI strategy.

Scale and secure your AI workloads with our unified analytics platform, designed for petabyte-scale data sets in and around your cloud data lake - no movement required.

Leading brands use Starburst to build their AI workloads


Run analytics directly on your lake, no data movement required.


Experience unbeatable performance at petabyte scale.


Enabling users while eliminating biases is at the core of our approach.

How we do it

Build and train ML models

Create high value data sets from raw data with Galaxy data products. Use PyStarburst to transform and ingest data into a feature store, to train a model, or serve to a production model – then audit all the queries generated in a single place.

Scale your AI workloads

Powered by open source Trino, Starburst is designed to handle large and complex data sets in and around your data lake. Whether your AI workloads are fueling internal productivity tools or revenue-generating customer apps, Starburst scales with you, never compromising performance or efficiency.

Intelligent governance, unified

Use Gravity and Starburst Galaxy to package your AI workloads into data products. Simplify data governance with automatic data classification, data observability capabilities, and comprehensive built-in access controls, so you can focus on higher-value jobs while respecting local data laws.


Go to the next level of data democratization by enabling secure cluster-to-cluster sharing of data products. You can maintain robust security protocols, including encryption and fine-grained access controls, for secure external access. Quickly resolve data quality issues with built-in data observability features like data lineage. Most importantly, share data without physically relocating it. Whether it’s to multiple teams across business units or external network partners – it’s now easier than ever to get everyone collaborating on the same source.

The future and beyond

Our goal is to leverage AI to help you prepare your data faster and scale your AI workloads.

So what’s next?

  • Generative semantic knowledge and relationships for improved data discovery and consumption
  • Improve data quality and compliance with AI-driven automation
  • Advanced AI model optimization & enhanced data retrieval techniques

Dare to differentiate

Securing tomorrow

Trusted by 1100+ enterprises globally, Vectra delivers AI-powered attack detection, triage and prioritization - all in real time.

Smarter supply chains

Using data + AI, 7bridges provides delivers an intuitive platform for total supply chain visibility.

Fueling the future

With Starburst + ChatGPT, Halliburton empowers every user with real-time data access and analytics.

Starburst 🤝 Gen AI

Exploring Gen AI has been a rewarding journey for our teams at Starburst.

Our customers are at the forefront of innovation building intelligent recommendation experiences, threat prediction technologies, natural language-to-SQL engines, and more…

…with no data movement required.

AIm for the stars, land in Galaxy

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