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Modernize data lake analytics

Starburst’s data lakehouse analytics engine helps you run fast, live, interactive queries on your data lake

Based on open source Trino, the best in class SQL-based MPP query engine for open table formats and data stored in data lakes, enabling high concurrency, scalability, and performance, while increasing productivity and lowering infrastructure costs.

A flexible, fast, and secure, data lakehouse engine.

Self-managed and customizable for complex businesses

Every organization has unique needs and infrastructure complexities. Starburst Enterprise’s open architecture works with a robust ecosystem of data sources, clients, and security and authorization tools. Customers can tailor and enhance their deployment with custom integrations and extensions.
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Fully managed for your growing business

Starburst Galaxy is cloud native, frictionless, and fully managed and is the fastest path from big data to better decisions. Kickstart your data lakehouse strategy in minutes. Leverage the agility to run interactive and ELT workloads in one query engine, with Great Lakes connectivity unifying table formats in all the most popular data lakes.
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Lower operational costs. Better insights.

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Bring business intelligence to the data lake

Integrate BI tools such as Tableau, ThoughtSpot, Looker, and PowerBI directly with Starburst and accelerate dashboard and reporting queries. As a single point of access Starburst delivers simple, secure, self-service live access to data, and enables your BI platform to turn insights into action immediately. Remove dependency and unnecessary strain on BI engines for live access to object storage.

Leverage data products for ultimate accessibility

Enable data producers and consumers to create, publish, discover, and managed curated datasets, shortening the path from raw data to trusted insights. This free’s domain experts to generate unique insights without the burden of centralizing data. Data products are created from joining data wherever it lives, across data lakes, disparate sources, deployments, regions, or clouds.

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Speed, matched with robust security and compliance

Starburst offers centralized and fine-grained control over access to all your data- query auditing, RBAC, ABAC, data masking, encryption in-flight, and more. With native features, or Integrating with incumbent security tools and policies, we help you ensure the right access for the right people. Customers can comply with various regulatory compliance standards, safely analyzing global data across clouds and regions. 

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Trusted by modern data companies

Leading messaging platform

Managing 270M messages, 215B logs, and 700B records daily can be overwhelming. After choosing Starburst, deployed to access Amazon S3, they achieved cluster optimization for fast, simple queries, while still having availability for more complex queries and more concurrent users.  As a result, the platform achieved 80% improvement in cluster stability, improved query success rate from 50% to 99%, and reduced EC2 costs by 20%.

Global cloud computing company

Frustrated with sup-optimal dashboard response times negatively impacting customer experience, this customer deployed Starburst in AWS federating across Amazon S3 and Elastic. In addition to decreasing query response time from hours/minutes to seconds, benefits included a 50% reduction in TCO, 30% reduction in EC2 spend due, 99.9% query success rate, and reduced time to insights by more than 100%.

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Starburst includes everything you need to install and run Trino on a single machine, a cluster of machines, or even your laptop.

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  • Query your data lake fast with Starburst's best-in-class MPP SQL query engine
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