The original vision of Starburst was to make querying distributed data as simple, fast, and painless as possible. Starburst Galaxy, our serverless, fully-managed SaaS platform, helps carry through on that promise. It’s our version of the classic easy button, designed to simplify, accelerate, and optimize your Trino deployment.

Here are 5 reasons your enterprise should sign up for Starburst Galaxy today.

1. Discover insights in minutes, not months

One of the reasons enterprises are drawn to Starburst in the first place is to save themselves the time associated with migrating data from databases and data lakes into one warehouse or volume. They don’t want to wait 18 months to unlock the insights hidden in their distributed data.

With Starburst Galaxy, on the other hand, your data science and business intelligence teams can start querying data in a fraction of the time. The system is pre-configured to reduce query issues, too, so they enjoy an efficient, productive experience right out of the gate. You’re up and running – and discovering insights – in minutes, not months.

2. Avoid vendor lock-in & choose your cloud

In a rare feat for our industry, we made sure that Starburst Galaxy would be available simultaneously on all three hyper-scale clouds. You can deploy on AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure, depending on your enterprise’s specific needs and preferences. You can even deploy on all three clouds in a single Starburst Galaxy account. The platform provides you with the ability to query AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft from one account. This allows you to avoid vendor lock-in, which is one of the primary reasons organizations have been so eager to move data out of traditional warehouses in the first place and gives you the power to choose the best cloud provider for your organization. With Starburst Galaxy, your organization can query any cloud providing you with the flexibility a modern data ecosystem requires.

3. Simplify management & save time

Starburst Galaxy allows you to get started fast with a truly intuitive user experience. You can start querying your data in less than five minutes. Monitoring, automated maintenance, and centralized cluster management are part of the package. A few of the management-related highlights of Starburst Galaxy include:

  • Automatic upgrades and patches provide you with the benefits of the latest releases
  • A pre-configured, highly performant environment that allows you to spin up a cluster for any user or workload without worrying about noisy neighbors or queuing behind slow queries
  • Idle-shutdown puts your clusters to sleep after a preset time period of inactivity, automatically reducing unnecessary cloud expenditures
  • Native role-based access controls enable you to define who can query which data sources, grant/revoke privileges, define custom roles, and more

Generally, your business will enjoy the best Starburst experience possible while you reserve the time and energy to focus on more strategic work.

4. Democratize data access

At Starburst, we are focused on giving more people within large organizations the ability to pursue interesting business questions, and Starburst Galaxy opens up data access within the enterprise in a number of ways. Firstly, the platform is built for high concurrency allowing for any number of queries with the best-in-class performance that Starburst’s engine provides. Secondly, you can also very simply set the dial on your clusters to manage your preferred cost-performance ratio. Finally, data analysts can query using the BI tools they already know, thanks to Starburst Galaxy’s integrations with PowerBI, Tableau, Looker, and more. There’s a built-in query editor and an intuitive UI that will make the product even easier to use while making it accessible to more people within your organization.

5. Unlock your curiosity & query more data faster

Starburst Galaxy gives teams access to data they would not have been able to query in the past – or not without a month – or even year-long ETL job. Today, the connectors include:

  • S3
  • ADLS
  • GCS
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

We will be quickly expanding this list, making it easier and faster to query more data where it lies, without ETL. This is a core benefit of the Starburst platform as a whole, but Starburst Galaxy is making it even easier, giving your data science and BI teams access to more data stored in more systems than ever before. Our enterprise customers transform this access into measurable results ranging from cost savings to new business programs that generate significant revenue.

A New Way to Support Analytics

These five benefits are only the beginning. We’re evolving and improving upon the service, and we plan to release more content in the coming months that covers some of the technical use cases and details on how our Starburst Galaxy customers are using the service.

For now, if you haven’t done so already, give it a try. The service is currently available in the Google Cloud Marketplace, AWS Marketplace, and Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

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