Today we announced Starburst Stargate, the industry’s first gateway for global cross-cloud analytics. I’m excited to share more behind why we built this and what it can do for you.

Going Multi-Cloud or Multi-Region?  You Need Cross-Cloud Analytics.

Over a year ago we were studying patterns across some of our largest Fortune 1000 customers. These are the companies you do your banking with, who make your favorite shoes, entertain you, and develop the pharmaceuticals we need to stay healthy.

Given the size and multi-national footprints of these businesses, they were really struggling with giving their teams fast and secure access to globally distributed data for analytics. For example, one customer has data in:

  • AWS East
  • AWS Frankfurt
  • AWS Paris
  • Azure Central US
  • 2 On-Prem Data Centers

Their analysts and data scientists need to derive insights and train models based on data in all of these regions. Until now, their only viable option was to replicate data so that analysts could get all the data they need in one place. However, the consequences of that strategy are painful:

  • Millions in egress charges
  • Extra storage costs associated with data duplication
  • Latency data movement
  • Maintenance of ETL pipelines
  • Inaccurate and outdated data

On top of that, these companies are grappling with complex and ever-changing global regulatory environments with data residency & sovereignty requirements.  How does a multinational bank understand it’s business across the US and Switzerland, without moving data that needs to stay in Switzerland?

Since the beginning, our goal has been to provide our customers with the fastest path from question to outcome.  So, we asked ourselves, how can we help these companies drive faster time to insight by allowing them to analyze the data where it lives?

The Answer Is Starburst Stargate

Starburst Stargate is a brand new capability that combines high performance connectivity, fine-grained access control, and intelligent query optimization across multiple Starburst clusters in multiple clouds or regions.

Learn more in this video from my co-founder and our VP, Products – Matt Fuller:

Our solution allows companies to use Starburst as a query abstraction layer over disparate data clusters.  When you initiate a query on your home cluster that requires access to a table in a different geography, the system pushes processing to a remote cluster within that region to do the heavy lifting, while ensuring the user has the right permission to access data locally. Policies are applied to the query results, too. For instance, if your privacy policies don’t allow users in other countries to see names or addresses, then we ensure that data is never transmitted. Only the “answer” is transmitted, but the raw data stays where it is.

This solution will significantly reduce the obstacles that data privacy and data sovereignty regulations have created for multinational companies seeking to achieve timely and accurate analytics. I believe Starburst Stargate is the final frontier in our vision of enabling analytics anywhere.

The primary use cases Starburst Stargate addresses are:

  • Data Sovereignty – The core use case for Starburst Stargate is to enable analytics on data across physical boundaries, without needing to move it, while ensuring data privacy and access controls are intact. By using Stargate, customers can ensure compliance with data privacy laws like GDPR and CCPA.
  • Distributed Data Mesh – Data Mesh is a new architectural paradigm that encourages domain-driven data ownership, while centralized IT delivers core tech capabilities that allow teams to store, manage, and govern their data. Starburst Stargate operates as the SQL-based query engine that operates across a data mesh architecture.
  • Cross-cloud analytics – Customers have struggled with cloud data lock-in. High egress fees have hindered analytics across data stored in multiple clouds. Starburst Stargate breaks down data access barriers across clouds and regions, empowering organizations with full, accurate insights from their global data.

We believe Starburst Stargate can solve for critical analytics gaps across industries. A global beverage supplier acquires a company in Europe to expand their market, and inherits their data infrastructure along with it.  Retailers may want to match local customer demand  with global supply chain data to improve fulfillment logistics. Or a bank may want to analyze and prevent global fraud.. These are only a few examples of opportunities for insight that were previously impossible.

Read our solution brief to learn more about Starburst Stargate’s features & capabilities. Available for Starburst Enterprise customers effective immediately, Stargate is supported by data governance partnerships with Alation, Immuta, Okera, and Privacera.

I’m excited to help our customers distill insights across globally distributed data while honoring data residency, sovereignty, and other security requirements. Join us at AWS Summit EMEA where Starburst Stargate will be available to demo here.

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