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Adrian Estala is the VP, Field Chief Data Officer and the host of Data Mesh TV. With a background in leading Digital and IT Portfolio Transformations, he understands the value of creating executive frameworks that focus on material business outcomes. Skilled with getting the most out of data-driven investments, Adrian is your trusted adviser to navigating complex data environments and integrating a Data Mesh strategy in your organization.


The Data Mesh Pathfinder

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  • What it means to embark on a Data Mesh journey from a data leader’s perspective
  • The three workstreams — design, configure, and enable — you’ll need to simultaneously manage
  • How industry leaders like EMIS Group and Sky are leveraging Data Mesh in their data management strategy

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Data Mesh for Dummies - Starburst


Data Mesh for Dummies

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  • Build valuable, secure data products
  • Shorten the path between data and business value
  • Discover tips for a successful Data Mesh implementation

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Custom Workshop: Get Started On Your Data Mesh Journey



We invite you and your team for a complimentary 2-hour Data Mesh Pathfinder workshop that’s exclusively tailored to your challenges and goals. This complimentary workshop is a preface to your 90-Day Data Mesh Pathfinder, which is designed to help you get started quickly from a people, process, and technology perspective. We’ll identify one or two simple use cases, deploy a single domain, create a handful of data products, identify roles and responsibilities and so much more.


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