Apache Iceberg

Reliability, simplicity, and performance for your modern open data lake

What is Apache Iceberg?

Apache Iceberg is an open source table format that brings database functionality to object storage. Take advantage of low-cost, high performing cloud storage with the benefit of data warehouse features and experience.

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Trino + Iceberg = The Modern Open Data Lake

A query engine that connects to any data source meets a table format that connects to any query engine



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“The time it took from reporting Trino + Iceberg bugs to deployed fixes was very fast and demonstrated the commitment Trino has to being a leader in Iceberg adoption across the various compute engines. ”

Marc Laforet, Shopify

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Starburst optimizes for Iceberg under-the-hood

An open standard foundation, completed with the enterprise-grade features and support you need. Build your open data lakehouse with Starburst and Iceberg.

Modify table names, columns, and partitions

Schema Evolution

Update, delete, and merge data in your lake


Build table-driven maintenance processes

Auto Maintenance

Look back in time at a table’s history

Time Travel

Easily partition your data by timestamps


Optimize performance with file management


Sort tables by columns to increase query performance

Sorted Tables

Get started with Tabular & Starburst Galaxy

The easiest way to build and manage your open data lakehouse

  • Fully-managed
  • Secure by design
  • Built on open standards

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