May 5th, 2022

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Cory Darby

Director of Engineering, Bluecat

James Campbell

CTO, Superconductive

Jeremy Cohen

Product Manager, dbt Labs

Denny Lee

Developer Advocate, Databricks

Martin Traverso

Co-Creator of Trino and Chief Technology Officer at Starburst

Dain Sundstrom

Co-Creator of Trino and Chief Technology Officer at Starburst

Manfred Moser

Director of Information Engineering, Starburst

Brian Olsen

Developer Advocate, Starburst

Vinoth Chandar

Founder & CEO, Onehouse

Zebing LIn

Software Engineer, Starburst

Ryan Blue

Co-founder and CEO, Tabular

Abhi Vaidyanatha

Senior Developer Advocate, Airbyte

Keynote: Trino as Data Lakehouse

Project Tardigrade - Zebing Lin

Project Tardigrade - Cory Darby

Starburst Galaxy Lab with Trino Co-Creator

Great Expectations

Data Architecture in 2022

Trino + dbt: Transformations In SQL Heaven

Building Reliable Lakehouses with Delta Lake

Lakes and Houses: Put into perspective

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