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Data Lakehouse combines the benefits of two tested data storage systems improving scalability and performance: a data warehouse and a data lake

What is Data Lakehouse?

A new data management paradigm combining the benefits of a data lake and a data warehouse. Object storage also known as a data lake is used for it’s flexibility, low cost and large volumes of data. With the data lake, open table formats, like Apache Iceberg, are used in conjunction with open file formats such as Parquet files to improve reliability and provide data warehouse-like functionality and performance. The combination of a data lake with the recent developments within open table formats allows for low cost, high performance analytics at scale.

Learn more: What is a data lakehouse?Building a modern lakehouse webinar

Data Lakehouse has four key features:

Low cost, highly scalable storage

Modern open table formats

Distributed MPP query engine

Fine-grained access control

Data Lakehouse 101

In this video, Starburst Developer Advocate Monica Miller and Director, Customer Solutions Tom Nats run through the basics of a Starburst Data Lakehouse, when companies should adopt a data lakehouse model, and how to get started creating your own data lakehouse along with a short demo of Starburst Galaxy.

More Resources

Starburst Galaxy and the Data Lakehouse with Dain Sundstrom, Trino Co-Creator & Starburst CTO

This webinar, hosted by Dain Sundstrom, co-founder of Trino and Chief Technology Officer at Starburst, Tom Nats, Director of Customer Solutions at Starburst, and Mike Marolda, Manager of Product Marketing at Starburst, dives into Starburst Galaxy and the Data Lakehouse.

Building a Data Lake Strategy with Starburst Galaxy

Join us as we provide an introduction to Starburst Galaxy on the data lake. In this session, we will provide you with an introduction to Starburst Galaxy, using the platform for data lake analytics and more.

Starburst Smart Indexing: The New Standard of Data Lake Analytics

Proprietary and patented indexing technology sets a new benchmark in data lake analytics, empowering organizations to more quickly and efficiently derive greater insights from their data.

Starburst Solutions: Data Lakehouse

Learn more about the Starburst solution, a Data Lakehouse.

Analytics Anywhere – An Introduction to Starburst Enterprise

Learn the value of decentralized data access, and how to use the Starburst Enterprise as a lakehouse engine and a single point of secure access to data in any location and regions.

Starburst Lakehouse Solution Brief

This solution brief discusses how the Starburst Data Lakehouse may be right for you.

Starburst data products

Learn how to create and share high quality data products vital for the lakehouse

Future proof your analytics with Starburst Galaxy

Spend less time managing your data and more time analyzing it. Starburst Galaxy is a fully-managed platform providing you with the easiest way to access the power of Starburst’s best-in-class data lake MPP SQL engine

Starburst performance whitepaper

Learn how Starburst and Trino achieve lightning fast performance and data transformations on the data lake

Starburst Enterprise security guide

From native fine-grained access control, to robust integrations, learn how Starburst Enterprise can easily secure your data lake

Starburst Delta Lake connector

Leverage the power of Trino and Delta Lake, deliver fast performance, and advanced data transformations to operationalize your lakehouse

Building a federated lakehouse with Starburst Galaxy

Your lakehouse doesn’t need data in one place. Learn how Starburst Galaxy can federate to multiple sources and different locations

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