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Data migration can be a daunting task. Whether your data is on-premise, hybrid, cloud, or multi-cloud, your data is everywhere and constantly moving as you modernize your data infrastructure. Traditional approaches require duplication of vast amounts of data and processes, plagued with frequent disruptions to business applications, and in many cases, an all-or-nothing requirement to take advantage of modern analytics capabilities. 

What if you can:

  • reduce migration costs, accelerate time to completion, and decrease security and governance risks by significantly lowering data duplication
  • keep data and insights flowing to business applications without disruption
  • finally, decide without vendor pressure which data lives where and still be able to tap into high-performance analytics
  • continue to meet data sovereignty requirements while using a modern, open, and simple analytics platform

Join us on August 15 to learn from Gilead Sciences, Accenture, and Starburst how data teams win the data migration battle with Starburst while lowering costs, gaining more data control, and increasing business insights without being locked into proprietary tools. 

On-demand webinar


Teresa Tung

Cloud First Chief Technologist at Accenture

Nghi Ho

Sr. Director, Head of Data & AI Platform and Enterprise Data Governance at Gilead Sciences

Adrian Estala

Field Chief Data Officer at Starburst

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