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We believe in providing organizations and their teams with the fastest path from data to insight

In order to cultivate and nourish that curiosity, we believe the lake should be the centre of gravity, but support accessing data outside the lake when needed. With Starburst, teams can access more complete data, lower the cost of infrastructure, use tools best suited to their needs, and avoid vendor lock-in. 

Our platform includes the capabilities needed to discover, organize, and consume data without the need for time-consuming and costly migrations. Trusted by companies like Sky, EMIS Health, and Societe Generale, Starburst helps companies make better decisions faster on all their data.


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Discover, organize, and consume all the data in and around your data lake



A single platform to help you activate all the data in and around your data lake

Simplicity: Take the fastest path from data to decision

Bring simplicity to your ever-evolving data strategy. Starburst offers out-of-the-box data discovery, cataloguing, access management, and data sharing, allowing your teams to focus on delivering critical insights for the business—not managing analytics infrastructure. Users can access more complete data using the tools and skills they already have, all based on ANSI SQL.

Accessibility: Future-proof your architecture with a single point of access for distributed data

Your organization doesn’t stand still, and neither do your data needs. Change is inevitable, but adaptation can be a competitive advantage as you grow. With 50+ fully supported enterprise-grade connectors, Starburst makes it easy to access disparate and new data sources as your needs change, ensuring your productivity and creativity is never limited by what data your analytics platform can access.

Scalability: Operate efficiently and reliably at internet scale

Starburst was designed to process exabytes of data at the world’s largest internet companies. At the same time, Starburst gives customers complete control over how their data is stored, managed, and consumed, allowing them to optimise their analytics environment for the perfect balance of performance and cost as they grow.

Optionality: Never get locked into a proprietary data ecosystem

No two organizations have the exact same data needs, so why should they be forced to adopt the same architecture. With Starburst, everything is built with openness in mind, and we are interoperable with nearly any data environment, including modern open file and table formats. Starburst truly separates storage from compute and treats any data store like our own. We allow customers to use the architecture that meets their specific business needs and change it when new needs emerge.

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