Datanova 2021

Hybrid Analytics - Ground to Cloud & Cloud to Cloud

The data consumer population has transformed to include almost everyone within any given organization. These new circumstances have pressed the traditional approach of “a single source of truth” to a breaking point. Like many in the cloud, they follow conventional advice and centralize their data into a semi-structured and highly available data lake. Many large analytics environments have EDW, CDW, HDFS, and dozens of other systems required for their analytics workload. Some architectures work better on-premise instead of running in the cloud and SLAs sometimes require you to host this data in either on-premise or cloud servers. This has thrust a new and intimidating challenge upon data teams and the businesses they support; how to execute on the demand for hybrid analytics? In this talk, Bryan Aller discusses Comcast’s journey of moving their analytics infrastructure to the cloud and why they now choose to use a hybrid architecture for their analytics.


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