Presto Newsletter – August 2018

Welcome to the second issue of the Presto Newsletter, a monthly round up of news and events relevant to the Presto community.

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Presto at Strata Data conference in New York City (Sep 12-13)

Presto at DataEngConf in Barcelona, Spain (Sep 25-16)


Presto News and Knowledge

Querying 8.66 Billion Records, part II
Concurrency Labs shares benchmark results for a performance and cost comparison between Starburst Presto and EMR SQL engines. After Redshift/Spectrum, now we have a detailed comparison of Presto and SparkSQL.

Caching Presto Data with Alluxio
Caching mechanisms for HDFS and S3 data.

Presto at Eventbrite
Embracing separation of compute and storage with Presto & Apache Superset for analytics.

Data Lakes without Hadoop
Tired of running your Hadoop cluster or want to have a cloud-like on-premises environment? Try using Presto with an S3-compatible object store such as Minio or Redhat Ceph in your own data center.

Presto versus Impala
A full review and comparison between Presto and Impala for querying Hadoop.

Querying AWS S3 data using Looker
Connecting BI/reporting tools to Presto is very easy as detailed in this Presto to Looker blog post.

Presto evaluation at CERN
Comparison of Spark, Impala, and Presto. The Presto performance results are pre-Cost Based Query Optimization in Presto, so take them with a grain of salt.

451 Research webcast: Separating Query from Storage in BI and Analytics: The Presto Story
On July 18th, Starburst CEO Justin Borgman sat down with Matt Aslett of 451 Research to discuss the separation of storage and compute and how this new data architecture has exploded in popularity with the mass migration to the public cloud.

Treasure Data acquired by ARM
Treasure Data’s platform has been powered by Presto for years. Congrats to the team!


Releases and new features

Starburst Presto 203e on AWS
With an updated Presto release we get some exciting cloud features such as AWS Glue Catalog support as well as Graceful Shutdown of Presto Workers when scaling down your cluster.


Engineer’s Corner

Apache Kudu connector
Very soon your will be able to query data in Kudu with Presto. Thank you Martin Weindel!

Power of array and lambda functions in Presto
Check this post about turning a subquery with an unnest into a simple predicate. For reference, here are some docs on array and lambda functions in Presto.


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