Presto Newsletter – November 2018

Welcome to the fifth issue of the Presto Newsletter, a monthly round up of news and events relevant to the Presto community.

San Mateo December 4 : Alluxio & Presto – Architecture for Fast SQL in the Cloud
Deploying Presto on the Alluxio open source distributed storage system for fast analytics in the cloud.

Videos of Presto talks at DataEngConf NYC


Presto News & Knowledge

Benchmarking Hive vs Presto on HDFS & S3
Why Presto outperforms Hive on HDFS and S3, and by how much…

Presto on YugaByte DB: Interactive OLAP SQL Queries Made Easy (Time Series examples)
Building a scalable SQL platform for integrating and analyzing time series data in YugaByte DB.

Big Data and Machine Learning @ Uber
Uber Engineering Manager, Zhenxiao Luo explains how Uber tackles data caching, machine learning, and AI use cases.

Videos from Data @Scale conference
Talks on Presto, InfluxDB, Casandra, Deleting & Securing data at scale, and more…

Google extends the SQL Capabilities of Google Cloud Dataproc with Presto
Start a Presto cluster within 90 seconds, and run SQL queries that integrate data from Cloud Dataproc and any other Presto-supported data source.


Releases & New Features 

Presto 208e is now available on AWS Marketplace and Azure


Engineers Corner 

Add support for query pushdown to S3 using S3 Select
New contribution to Presto by Sameer2086 improves query performance against S3 objects.

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