Presto Newsletter – April 2019

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The Presto Summit – June 20th, 2019 @ Twitter HQ (San Francisco, CA)
Tickets Available Here (space is limited):

Next month will mark the 2nd annual Presto Summit hosted by The Presto Software Foundation, Starburst Data, and Twitter.

Join the community of Presto users and developers for an all day event dedicated to the world’s fastest distributed SQL query engine. The day will feature talks from some of the world’s largest and innovative Presto users. Further details can be found at the link above.

Have a topic you want to present at the Summit? Our call for papers is still open. Sign up here


DataWorks Summit in Washington, DC (May 20-23)

Featured Presto talk:
Presto: Optimizing Performance of SQL-on-Anything Engine


Presto News & Knowledge

Starburst Presto on HDInsight 4.0:
Microsoft recently announced the general availability of Apache Hadoop 3.0 on their HDInsight 4.0 platform. In doing so, Starburst was highlighted as their marketplace offering of Presto.

Presto 302e is now supporting ADLS Gen2:
In our recent blog we explore the deployment benefits of Starburst Presto for Microsoft Azure & HDInsights users.

Querying Google Cloud Storage? Here you go:
A step by step configuration guide to connect and start querying GCS.

Presto slides from Strata in San Francisco:

SQL on Kafka with Presto:
In this talk, you’ll learn about Presto and how it can be leveraged to query data from Kafka as well as execute a single SQL statement that joins data from Kafka on data from SQL, Cassandra, Elastic and more.

Presto in Israel:

Uber Hudi becomes an Apache project:
Hudi was built to address inefficiencies across ingest and ETL pipelines that required upsert and incremental consumption primitives in Uber’s Big Data ecosystem. Just recently, they have submitted Hudi to The Apache Software Foundation


Presto Releases & New Features 

Latest Starburst Presto on Azure (supports ADLS Gen2)


Engineers Corner 

Even Faster ORC:
Review recent improvements to Presto’s custom ORC reader

Presto paper from ICDE 2019:
This paper outlines of a selection of Presto use cases at Facebook and details their performance results

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