Presto Newsletter – August 2020

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Events & Webinars

Free Presto Trainings – See Upcoming Sessions

The co-creators of Presto have kicked off a series of FREE Presto trainings to help users learn advanced Presto skills. Beyond the basics, each training session covers critical topics for scaling Presto to more users & use cases.

Upcoming Sessions:
August 12th – Understanding & Tuning Presto Query Processing
August 26th – Securing Presto
September 9th – Configuring & Tuning Presto Performance


Presto Summit Webinar Series

And we’re back… virtually!  As a follow up to the 2019 Presto Summit events in San Francisco and New York City, we are excited to share the upcoming Presto Summit Webinar Series!

Upcoming Sessions:

    • Presto at Pinterest – (August 19 @ 2pm ET)
      Pinterest will share how they run Presto at the company, how Pinterest leverages warning systems to guide users to write better queries and how Pinterest scales up their clusters to meet with their rapid growing workloads.


Webinar – Presto: Past, Present, & Future + The Birth of Starburst – (August 13 @ 1pm ET)

Join Starburst CTO and Presto Co-founder, Martin Traverso, and Starburst Solutions Architect, Sam Der-Kazaryan, to learn about Presto’s origins, get an insider view of the Presto roadmap, and see how Starburst builds on Presto for enterprise-ready deployments. All attendees will receive a free Presto T-shirt.


Digital Workshop with Big Data Boutique – Hands-on Presto: Fast SQL on Anything – (August 17 @ 9am – 4:30pm IDT in Hebrew)

Join industry giants who use Presto to provide human analysts and automatic processes alike access for querying data at huge scales, across many data-sources (S3, SQL databases, NoSQL databases, and more). In this hands-on training you will learn how to build cost-effective Data Warehouse and Data Lake solutions on your cloud using Presto from the basics to the more advanced features.


Presto News & Knowledge

How to Prepare for Hadoop’s Uncertain Future

Hadoop was once touted as the future of big data analytics. While the Hadoop ecosystem experienced tremendous growth, the market has shifted in recent years. Now the question for many large enterprises is what to do with their current Hadoop infrastructure, and how to prepare for the future? Learn how Presto can make this transition painless.


Bloor Decision Guide: When to Move Data & When to Query it Where it Lives

If you’re like most, you probably have a combination of various data warehouses, data lakes, data marts and cloud object storage. While each of these can support relevant analytic functions, what happens when you want to run queries that span these sources? This Bloor decision guide helps navigate your options.


Video – Using Presto as Query Layer in a Distributed Microservices Architecture at Zuora

In this presentation, Zuora highlights how Presto helped to transform its monolithic data architecture for an online transactional system into a loosely coupled, services-based architecture. In doing so it helped to solve the most pressing problem when splitting up data, providing direct-to-access production data across many services and enabling complex data queries across live data. Zuora Data Query was an instant success when it was launched.


Video – Presto at Arm Treasure Data: A Journey of Migrating 1 Million Presto Queries

Discover how, as part of their customer data platform, Arm Treasure Data utilizes Presto as the query engine processing over 1 million queries per day.


Presto Releases & New Features 

Starburst 338-e is now available

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Did you know?

✅  Presto: The Definitive Guide by O’Reilly is still available for free courtesy of Starburst (a $60 value).


✅  Big Data Boutique developed a custom Elasticsearch plugin that promises better performance than the open source one.


✅  3 new connectors have been added! They are:

  1. Oracle
  2. Pinot
  3. Prometheus


✅  You can easily see a query history using the system.runtime.queries system table:

presto> select query_id,user,query from system.runtime.queries; 20200731_193128_00015_bqkw5 | ted-marketing  | select * from deltalake.pass2020.customer_delta limit 10

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