Presto Newsletter – December 2019

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1 Week Away
Presto Summit NYC – December 11th, 2019
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The Presto Summit will be in New York City on December 11th, 2019 at the New York Academy of Sciences. This full-day event features an all-star line up from some of the largest Presto users – Slack, Pinterest, Comcast, Wayfair, and more. We’ll be showcasing real-world deployments, developments, and discussing the project roadmap.


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Presto News & Knowledge


Why Presto & Starburst: An Investors Perspective
“As successful open source projects do, Presto continued to percolate and find eager adopters among the best and brightest in the industry. Its reputation as the top query engine as well as that of its three authors continued to grow quietly but steadily over the next half a decade.” This article explores the roots of the Presto project.


Data Orchestration Summit by Alluxio (recap with slides & videos)
Organized by Alluxio, this event featured talks from 24 industry leaders from all over the globe to share their experiences building cloud-native data and AI platforms. All session recordings and slides are now available.


Presto with RedHat Ceph on OpenShift
Next generation data platforms are embracing the proliferation of technologies that help organizations discover, catalog, process, and derive insight from their data. OpenShift, and OpenShift Container Storage are at the forefront of this transition and provide a foundation for building a self service environment for developers, data engineers, and data scientists. In this demo they shared how Starburst Presto on OpenShift can power your interactive and ad-hoc data discovery.


Webinar Video & SlidesStarburst Presto updated to 323e
In this November 19th, 2019 webinar, Starburst Solutions Architect, Tom Nats dives deep into the Q3 release, Starburst Presto 323e. This release is feature packed with improvements that provide even better connectivity, security, and integration for our Presto users.


Evolving the Coupang Data Platform
Coupang is revolutionizing e-Commerce market of South Korea with last-mile delivery and rethinking discovery of products on mobile first platform. Being a data driven company, they rely heavily on data decisions right from customer journey to the best algorithm to optimize space in a fulfillment center. This article highlights their big data journey, including their use of Presto to revolutionize their data platform.


Learn about types of joins in Presto
SQL Join is one of the most important and expensive SQL operation and require deep understanding from database engineers to write efficient SQL queries. From database engineers’ perspective, understanding how join operation works help them to optimize them for efficient execution. This article explains the join operations supported in Presto.



Presto Releases & New Features 


Starburst Presto 323e is now available!
Here’s a list of new features in this release:


Did you know? 


  • Use the following URL to get current cluster information: http://<coordinator ip>::8080/v1/cluster

    Example: {“runningQueries”:0,”blockedQueries”:0,”queuedQueries”:0,”activeWorkers”:1,”runningDrivers”:0,”totalAvailableProcessors”:1,”reservedMemory”:0.0,”totalInputRows”:240363432,”totalInputBytes”:33636766,”totalCpuTimeSecs”:285}

  • The Following query returns table properties for all connectors: SELECT * FROM system.metadata.table_properties;

  • There are multiple libraries available to interact with Presto, some of them are Java, Python, R, etc.. A full list can be found here: https://prestosql.io/resources.html#libraries

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