Presto Newsletter – January 2019

Welcome to the Presto Newsletter, a monthly round up of news and events relevant to the Presto community.


Presto User Meetup (China) –  held on Jan 12th:
On January 12th, the first Presto User Meetup in China was held.


Presto News & Knowledge

The Presto Software Foundation is born
The PSF is a non-profit organization with a singular mission to support a community of passionate users and developers devoted to the advancement of the Presto distributed SQL query engine for big data.

Querying Big Data in Real-Time with Presto & Grab’s TalariaDB
TalariaDB is a custom data store used, along with Presto and S3, by a scalable data querying engine. Read how it was conceived and an overview of its features.

Boosting Big Data workloads with Presto Auto Scaling
Learn how the Data Engineering team at Eventbrite is using Presto to access data in their data warehouse

The Art of Abstraction: the continuing separation of compute and storage for data analytics
A background on the growing trend of separating storage from compute capabilities.

Presto on Alluxio: How Netease Games leveraged Alluxio to boost ad hoc SQL on HDFS
A deep dive into Netease Games, one of the world’s leading online game developers and their decision to use Alluxio + Presto to develop their new realtime query platform.

Convert CSVs to ORC Faster
Learn how Presto stacks up against Hive and Spark in the comparison and benchmarking exercise.


Presto Releases & New Features 

Did you know that stats can be now computed natively in Presto?
Read how here

Engineers Corner 

Presto’s new GitHub home
Please direct all new code contributions to this page going forward

Starburst for Presto

Fast, free, distributed SQL query engine for big data analytics

Starburst for Presto is free to use and offers:

  • Certified and secure Releases
  • JDBC connector, security, and statistics
  • Additional connectors
Learn more >

Data leaders trust Presto

Netflix, Verizon, FINRA, AirBnB, Comcast, Yahoo, and Lyft are powering some of the biggest analytic projects in the world with Presto.

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