Presto Newsletter – January 2020

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Hands-on Presto: Fast SQL on Anything Free Training (Jan 9 @9am – Tel Aviv)
Join Big Data Boutique & other industry giants to learn everything you need to know about Presto SQL to get started querying and analyzing data on S3, HDFS and pretty much anywhere. Register to attend at the link above, space is limited.


Recap & Slides – Presto Summit NYC

The Presto Summit was hosted on December 11th, 2019 at The New York Academy of Sciences. The event was co-hosted by the Presto Software Foundation, Starburst, and supporters of the Presto project, Red Hat.

Read a recap of the day and view presentation slides from some of the largest presto users.

Be sure to check back for presentation videos next week!



Presto News & Knowledge


Walmart Labs: Presto on Google Cloud Platform

As many know, Presto can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises, the technology is truly platform agnostic. Combining Presto with the cloud computing services provided by GCP allows you to never get deprived of resources and continue to gain useful insights out of your data. Walmart Labs talks about setting up 3 nodes automated autoscaling Presto cluster on Google Cloud Platform using Google Compute Engine, Instance Group and Autoscaler.


Presto and Hive 3 support

This post summarizes which Hive 3 features Presto already supports, covering all the work that went into Presto to achieve that. We also outline next steps lying ahead.


Getting started with new table formats on Dataproc

Google recently announced that table format projects Delta Lake and Apache Iceberg (Incubating) are now available in the latest version of Cloud Dataproc (version 1.5 Preview). This blog walks through what table formats are, why they are useful, and how to use them on Dataproc with some examples.


Presto Experiment with ARM-based Graviton Processor

AWS announced new instance types powered by Arm-based AWS Graviton2 Processor are designed to deliver up to 40% improved price/performance. This article is the report to clarify what we need to do to run Presto on the Arm-based platform and see how much benefit we can potentially obtain with Graviton Processor.



Presto Releases & New Features 


Starburst Presto 323e is now available in all AWS regions across the globe

That includes Japan, Korea, Hongkong, Australia, India, Singapore and more!


The latest release notes for Starburst Presto are here



Did you know? 


 1 The Unnest function can easily break out an array of data. For example, if you had column with column named “b” that contains array data: [“5555555555″,”6666666666”] you can issue:

SELECT b_split
FROM table_name
CROSS JOIN UNNEST(b) AS t (b_split);

The results would be:




(recent performance improvement as well)


 2  When creating a table using the Hive connector, Presto creates one file per worker which can be adjusted using the “task_writer_count” session property.


 3  You can easily convert unix time into UTC using:

from_unixtime(1577292797, ‘UTC’)

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