Presto Newsletter – July 2019

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Videos from Presto Summit @ Twitter are now available
Videos & slides are now available from 10 of the day’s presentations. Check out the full recap to see how companies like Comcast, Neflix, Twitter, and many more are using Presto.


Webinar – Starburst Presto on Kubernetes (Aug 28th @ 3pm ET)
Join us as we explore our recent Kubernetes support and how this makes deploying and using Presto across hybrid and multi cloud environment simpler.


Meetup – Interactive Analytics in the Cloud (Aug 20th, San Francisco)
Starburst’s Kamil Bajda-Pawlikowski is set to discuss optimizing Presto’s performance. Other topics include accelerating Presto with Alluxio 2.0, as well as real world examples of Presto and Alluxio in production.


Online Meetup – Presto & Alluxio at ING Bank (Aug 1st @ 10am PT)
Leading financial services company ING Bank will discuss their story on how they leverage open source technologies such as Presto, Alluxio, and Mesos with S3 for modern security analytics and machine learning applications.


Presto News & Knowledge

Presto SQL @ Wayfair (meetup slides)

On July 29th, Wayfair (a Presto user) graciously hosted a joint meetup with Starburst to discuss how they’ve deployed and used Presto, the benefits and challenges that they’ve encountered, and how Starburst’s distribution of Presto stacks up against the open source version. Slides from Wayfair and Starburst can be downloaded above.


Presto @ Pinterest:
To provide their employees with the critical need of interactive querying, Pinterest has worked with Presto. Operating Presto at Pinterest’s scale has involved resolving quite a few challenges. In this article, their journey with Presto is explored.


The 4 Stages to Reach Big Data Nirvana (In the Cloud):
Follow along as we discuss the 4 steps to to untangle your data architecture, avoid interrupting data access to your users, and successfully begin your transition to object-based storage in the cloud.


Report from Presto Summit in Tokyo:
The first ever Presto conference was recently held in Japan, featuring Presto creators Dain, Martin, and David. Read the recap above to see real-world deployments from some of APACs largest companies.


Benchmarking Presto on S3 and Minio:
Minio has recently published a benchmark focusing on the performance of Presto, more specifically on the performance comparison between Amazon’s S3 object storage service and MinIO’s object storage software. You can read their summary and download the benchmark above.


Presto on MapR:
Starburst has recently announce support for MapR. Our Hive MapR connector allows querying data stored in a Hive data warehouse on a MapR cluster. Read more about what this means and how to configure this connector in the link above.


Quix: Notebook & SQL Editor for Presto:
Quix is a multi-user, easy-to-use notebook manager. By utilizing Presto it provides unified access to multiple data sources and effectively acts as a shared space for your company’s Business Intelligence (BI) insights and know-how.


Presto Releases & New Features 

Starburst Presto 312e release:

We recently announced the general availability of Starburst Enterprise Presto 312e. The main features we’ve added include the following:

  • Google Cloud Platform: Including Cloud Storage, Kubernetes Service, and Dataproc
  • Kubernetes: Support for Presto on Kubernetes environments
  • Data Source Connectivity: Including parallel Teradata connector, MapR connector, and support for Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2
  • Presto Core: Including performance and security features


Engineers Corner 

Presto Cost-Based Optimizer explained:

Presto’s Cost-Based Optimizer (CBO) allows Presto to achieve stunning results in industry standard benchmarks! The CBO makes decisions based on several factors, including shape of the query, filters and table statistics.This post explores what the table statistics are in Presto and what information can be derived from them.

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