Presto Newsletter – July 2020

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Events & Webinars

Presto Summit Webinar Series – See Upcoming Speakers

And we’re back… virtually!  As a follow up to the 2019 Presto Summit events in San Francisco and New York City, we are excited to share the upcoming Presto Summit Webinar Series! Register now for upcoming sessions.

Recent Sessions:

VideoThe State of Presto – Delivered by the co-creators of Presto, Martin Traverso, Dain Sundstrom, and David Phillips. 

Video –  Zuora: Using Presto as a Query Layer in a Distributed Microservices Architecture 


Free Presto Trainings – See Upcoming Sessions

Later this month, the co-creators of Presto are kicking off a series of FREE Presto trainings to help users learn advanced Presto skills. Beyond the basics, each of the four initial training sessions cover critical topics for scaling Presto to more users & use cases.

Upcoming Sessions:

July 29th – Using Advanced SQL Features In Presto
August 12th – Understanding & Tuning Presto Query Processing
August 26th – Securing Presto
September 9th – Configuring & Tuning Presto Performance


Webinar – Accelerate Business Outcomes with Pure Storage & Starburst Presto – (July 9th @ 2pm ET)

With traditional approaches, extracting value from your data is challenging because of rigidity caused by application and data silos. These silos are inflexible, lock-in your data, and make it difficult to adopt new technologies. Learn how disaggregating with Starburst Presto and PureStorage enables cloud-like agility in your on-prem environment so you can focus on your data instead of your infrastructure.


Virtual Conference – Data & Analytics: Live – (July 14th-16th)

Join Starburst at our virtual booth. Data & Analytics: Live is a 100% virtual conference and will connect the USA’s most progressive data analytics leaders with the world’s most forward-thinking solution providers, set against a backdrop of cutting-edge content that you cannot find anywhere else. Register for your free VIP Pass.


Presto News & Knowledge

How SentinelOne Optimizes Big Data At Scale

SentinelOne collects massive amounts of data (over 200 billion events per day), but querying this data was a challenge for them. In this blog they share how they overcame this challenge and achieved the ability to quickly query tremendous amounts of data using Presto.


Apache Pinot Presto Connector

Presto 334 introduces the new Pinot Connector which allows Presto to query data stored in Apache Pinot™. Not only does this allow access to Pinot tables but gives users the ability to do things they could not do with Pinot alone such as join Pinot tables to other tables and use Presto’s scalar functions, window functions and complex aggregations.


Presto & Data Science: Getting Data Into the Hands of Data Scientists (Faster)

A large amount of a data scientist’s time is spent “wrangling data”. This is not the kind of work they envisioned when they signed up. They want to spend their time on data analytics, building machine learning models and running regressions, not cleansing data. Learn how Presto helps you spend more time running analytics and less time moving data.


In this recent webinar, Zahir Gadiwan, Senior Director from Starburst, and Shohei Narron, Technology Partner Manager from Looker share how, together, they help companies deliver on data-driven decision making.


In this recent webinar, Starburst and Alation teamed up to share how they help companies reduce the time spent on data governance and data cataloging to increase analyst productivity, reuse existing work and enforce governance.



Presto Releases & New Features 

Delta Lake Reader for Presto

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Starburst Presto 332-e on the AWS Marketplace

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Did you know?

Dynamic Partition Pruning will speed up your queries

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How Presto became resilient to network data corruption

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