Presto Newsletter – March 2019

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Strata Data in London, UK, April 29 – May 2
Great Presto sessions this year!

Individual Strata Sessions:


The Presto Summit
Next month will mark the 2nd annual Presto Summit in San Francisco, CA. Details to follow shortly. Here’s a recap of last years event.

Call For Papers for the Presto Summit is now open:
Submit Here


Presto Conference in Israel
In collaboration with the Presto Software Foundation, the first Presto conference in Israel will be held on April 15th. More details here


Presto News & Knowledge

Optionality in Data Architecture (Video):
Justin Borgman, Founder and CEO of Starburst Data, spoke at Data Driven NYC. He provided an overview of a Presto-on-Anything platform, the importance of optionality in data architecture, as well as a variety of additional tools that enable businesses to harness the power of Presto.

Presto and Alluxio – Tuning Best Practises:
The combination of Presto and Alluxio is a popular choice to leverage Alluxio as a distributed caching tier on top of a slow or remote storage for hot data to query, avoiding the need to read data repeatedly from the cloud. This article looks at the top five performance tuning tips when running this analytics stack.

Streamlio and Presto:
Streamlio is an offering for real-time data processing based on a number of Apache open source projects. Presto is at the core of how it handles SQL queries. Learn more about Streamlio here.

How is data inserted in Presto:
An examination of how a row of data is inserted into Presto, and everything that’s happening in the background as you submit queries for processing.

Presto Releases & New Features 

Starburst Presto 302e (our latest release) is already available on…


Engineers Corner 

Deep Dive into Presto design:
An extensive look at the architecture of Presto

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