Presto Newsletter – May 2019

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The Presto Summit is just around the corner!
– June 20th, 2019 @ Twitter HQ (San Francisco, CA)

On June 20th, the Presto community will come together for an all day event dedicated to the world’s fastest distributed SQL query engine. The day will feature talks from some of the world’s largest and innovative Presto users. Further details can be found at the link above.


Presto News & Knowledge

EMIS Group is modernizing their Data Platform:
Richard Jarvis, Chief Analytics Officer at EMIS, speaks with SiliconAngle about how they’re bringing advanced analytics to the healthcare market; including their use of Presto.

Preview of  “Presto: The Definitive Guide” by O’Reilly is now available:
Authored by Presto founder, Martin Traverson, and Starburst Data Co-Founder, Matt Fuller, the preview of their upcoming O’Reilly book about Presto is available for download now. Book to be released later this year.

Faster S3 reads:
Presto is known for already working well with Amazon S3. However, recent improvements were made that greatly reduces network utilization and latency when reading ORC or Parquet data.

Presto is the best open source SQL engine according to Bloor Research:
This downloadable report, conducted by Bloor Research, evaluates 11 vendors that provide SQL on Hadoop. Out of the open source participants, Presto is determined to be the best available option.

Presto slides from Strata London:
Explore Presto features, like the Cost-Based Optimizer in this recent presentation from Strata London.

Recap of the Presto Conference in Israel


Presto Releases & New Features 

Starburst Presto is now available on Google Dataproc


Engineers Corner 

Optimizing casts:

The version 312 of Presto includes a new optimization to remove unnecessary casts which might have been added implicitly by the query planner or explicitly by users when they wrote the query.

Recordings from the developer-focused community meetings

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