Presto Newsletter – May 2020

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Events & Webinars

Presto Virtual Book Tour – Save A Spot At Your Stop Today!

Starburst is launching a digital book tour in support of Presto: The Definitive Guide by O’Reilly to give everyone across the globe an opportunity to learn about Presto.

The Virtual book tour includes:

  • An introduction to the book authors
  • An opportunity to meet the creators of Presto
  • An overview of why the book was created what’sincluded
  • An Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session with the bookauthors & Presto creators, moderated by special guest speakers.


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May 13th – West Coast (US)

Guest Moderator: Jeff Meyerson,
Software Engineering Daily

May 27th – Mid-West (US)

Guest Moderator: Paco Nathan,
Gradient Flow Research

June 10th – East Cost (US)

Guest Moderator: Daniel Abaldi,
Prof. of Computer Science, UMD

June 24th – EMEA

Guest Moderator: Tony Baer,

June 8 – APAC

Guest Moderator: Paco Nathan,
Gradient Flow Research


Webinar – How to Wrangle Big Data at Scale – (May 21st @ 1pm ET)

Instead of moving data around with ETL, or building yet another data mart, Starburst allows for data to be queried in place and joined across massive data sets.

Join Austin Zellner, Starburst solutions architect, for an informative discussion on querying multiple types of data sources (SQL, NoSQL, Object) in one ANSI SQL statement, all at scale.


Webinar – Looker & Starburst Accelerate Self-service Analytics for Everyone – (June 3rd @ 1pm ET)

Looker is pleased to join the Starburst Virtual Roadshow to share how we help companies deliver on data-driven decision making.

This webinar will provide an overview of how Looker works with Starburst, and adds value to existing Presto users and Starburst clients with a product demonstration.



Presto News & Knowledge

Presto: The Definitive Guide by O’Reilly

Nearly two years ago Matt Fuller (Starburst) and Martin Traverso (Presto) began writing a complete end-to-end guide about Presto. This book, the first about Presto, is finally available for all. Learn about what went into writing this book here.


[Free Download] Presto: The Definitive Guide

Want your own copy of Presto: The Definitive Guide? For a limited time you can download the book for free courtesy of Starburst.


May The Burst Be With You – Happy #StarWarsDay

It’s May the Fourth! We wanted to honor Star Wars day by sharing a light tribute to the franchise while explaining why Starburst = The Millenium Falcon, Presto = HyperDrive, and together with Starburst you can have The Force to access data anywhere, free from the tyranny of data lock-in.


Telco Giant Leverages Presto

Examine how a Fortune 100 company can ingest and retain tremendous volumes of data across various platforms with the help of Presto. Eventually, they chose to deploy Starburst Enterprise Presto, moving them closer to their ultimate vision of universal data access.


Video – Presto Use Case: Federated Query Engine

Watch Now


Video – Presto Use Case: Data Lake Query Engine

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Presto Releases & New Features 

Starburst Enterprise Presto 332e is now available
Read what’s new here

View detailed release notes

Starburst for Presto

Fast, free, distributed SQL query engine for big data analytics

Starburst for Presto is free to use and offers:

  • Certified and secure Releases
  • JDBC connector, security, and statistics
  • Additional connectors
Learn more >

Data leaders trust Presto

Netflix, Verizon, FINRA, AirBnB, Comcast, Yahoo, and Lyft are powering some of the biggest analytic projects in the world with Presto.

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