Presto Newsletter – November 2019

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Presto Summit NYC – December 11th, 2019
Mark your calendars! We’re excited to announce the Presto Summit is coming to New York City on December 11th, 2019 at the New York Academy of Sciences. This full-day event features an all-star speaker line up from some of the largest Presto users. We’ll be showcasing real-world use cases, developments, and discussing the upcoming project roadmap.

Register to secure your spot here.

If you’d like to speak at this event, please let us know at hello@starburstdata.com.


WebinarStarburst Presto Q3 Release (November 19th @ 2pm ET):
This month we’ll launch our latest release of Starburst Presto. This release is feature-packed with improvements that provide even better connectivity, security, and integration for our Presto users. Highlights include many new data source connectors, Red Hat Openshift Certification, enhanced LDAP integration, and much more. Register now to secure your spot.


Data Orchestration Summit (Nov 7th – Mountain View, CA)
Our good friends at Alluxio are hosting The Data Orchestration Summit this week on Nov 7th, 2019 in Mountain View, CA. This summit feature an array of talks, including Presto-focused presentations from Walmart, Ryte, Rakuten, Starburst CTO, Kamil Bajda-Pawlikowski, and Presto Co-founder, Martin Traverso. Full schedule can be found on the Alluxio site.


Data Council NYCNov 12th-13th, 2019
Starburst Data is proud to sponsor this year’s Data Council NYC event at Columbia University. Come join us Tuesday (11/12) and Wednesday (11/13) from 9am-5pm at their “Sponsor Spotlight Gallery” as we share how Presto is helping our customers perform interactive analytics on data anywhere.


Presto with Ceph @ OpenShift Commons Gathering (Slide & Video)
Starburst CTO, Kamil Bajda-Pawlikowski, recently participated in Red Hat’s Openshift Commons Gathering in San Francisco, CA. Slides and videos can be viewed at the link above. Featured talks include:

  • “Big Fast SQL with Presto on OpenShift”
  • “Panel: Building Kubernetes Operators for AI & ML Workloads”



Presto News & Knowledge


Presto at Salesforce
At Salesforce, their data is massively scaled and widely distributed, and they were challenged with finding a viable solution for ad-hoc interactive analytics. They settled on Presto, which is now a key component of their Big Data Compute Platform. This post details their big data journey and how they landed on Presto.


Two Peas in a Pod: Orchestrate Your Cloud Analytics Stack with Open Source
In this recent Datanami article, Starburst Co-founder, Matt Fuller, and Alluxio VP of Product, Dipti Borkar, discuss how containers like Kubernetes are changing the analytics stack, and how two open-source technologies (Presto and Alluxio) are solving the key challenges of data locality & elasticity when working within containers.


Using Glue as Common Metadata Store
From this post, you’ll learn how to use Glue to read the schema from the S3 file using its crawlers and build a common metadata store to other AWS services like Presto.

  • You can also reference this Presto doc for further information


Presto Bytes
Our ‘Presto Bytes’ series continues with a look at security within Presto


Webinar Video & SlidesQuery Federation Using Looker & Presto
In this October webinar we demonstrate how to use Looker to federate queries to data in a variety of sources including popular open data formats ORC and Parquet, as well as creating a federated semantic layer and accessing it using Looker. Live demoes and interactive questions follow at the end.



Presto Releases & New Features 


Presto Operator is now available on RedHat OpenShift OperatorHub
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Engineers Corner 


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