Presto Newsletter – October 2020

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Events & Webinars

Virtual Meetup – Data Visualization Best Practices & Presto: SQL on Anything & Anywhere – (October 13 @ 6:15pm ET, 3:15pm PT)

Join Big Data ATL as we give a full overview of Presto and some of its capabilities with Azure Kubernetes Services, Delta Lake, and more. Rebeca Pop, founder of Vizlogue, will also discuss data visualization best practices.


Postgres Webinar – Live Demo: Unlock Data In Postgres Servers To Query It With Other Data Sources Like Hive, Kafka, Other DBMSs, And More – (October 14 @ 1pm ET, 10am PT)

As a follow up to the September 16th & 30th sessions, there will be a live demo of how to use Starburst to unlock Postgres data and merge it live with many different data sources.


Virtual Meetup – Virtual TAST02: PrestoSQL – (October 19 @ 6pm ET, 3pm PT)

Tech at Scale Toronto is hosting an event highlighting Blue Cat’s journey using Presto. Featured speakers will discuss what Presto is, how it’s being used at Blue Cast, and how it helps to enable various teams & departments.


Virtual TechTalk Summits 

Join Starburst & TechTalk Summits for an engaging set of discussions and networking, including one by Starburst Co-founder & CEO, Justin Borgman, on how to achieving fast analytics across your entire data architecture. This will be followed by an exclusive wine tasting for all attendees.

Upcoming Events


Presto News & Knowledge

The Band Is Back Together: 4th Presto Creator Joins Starburst

Starburst recently announced that Eric Hwang, the 4th co-creator of Presto, is joining the engineering team as a Distinguished Engineer. This is an enormous milestone for Starburst, but more importantly, for the history of open source Presto.


The Rise of X Analytics in an Uncertain Economy

Recently, a new trend called X Analytics has emerged. It’s a term referring to the ability to run analytics on a wide range of structured and unstructured data, and new data alongside old or core data. This post looks at the importance of X Analytics as the world undergoes a massive digital transformation due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


Podcast – Simplify Your Data Architecture With The Presto Distributed SQL Engine

Martin Traverso, co-creator of Presto, recently joined the Data Engineering Podcast to discuss how Presto is designed to allow for querying and combining data where it resides, the use cases that such an architecture unlocks, and the innovative ways that it is being employed at companies across the world.


Presto and Fast Object: Putting Backups to Use for DevOps and Machine Learning

One of the biggest challenges in making use of data is avoiding the complexity of making N copies of a dataset to be used with N different analytics systems. Often, the backups of important tables are sitting idle so perhaps they can do more? This post describes how Presto can help you leverage your backup dataset to enable dev/test and analytics too.


Need help with Presto security? Download the Presto Enterprise Security Guide

One of the core reasons organizations select Starburst is the added security features that have been built into Presto. These include fine-grained access control, data masking and encryption, column and row level security, query auditing, integration with Apache Ranger, and more. Learn how to leverage these features in this detailed guide.


Presto Releases & New Features 

Starburst on Red Hat Marketplace

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Starburst 338e is now available on AWS Marketplace

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