Presto Newsletter – September 2020

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Events & Webinars

Free Presto Training

The co-creators of Presto have kicked off a series of FREE Presto trainings to help users learn advanced Presto skills. Beyond the basics, each training session covers critical topics for scaling Presto to more users & use cases.

Next Session:
September 9th – Configuring & Tuning Presto Performance


Virtual Meetup – Presto: Past, Present, & Future + The Birth of Starburst

– (September 23 @ 6:30pm MT, 8:30 ET)

Join Starburst CTO and Presto Co-founder Martin Traverso and Starburst Sr. Solutions Architect Curtis Kowalski, to learn about Presto’s origins, get an insider view of the Presto roadmap, and learn how Starburst builds on Presto for enterprise-ready deployments.

Postgres Webinar – How To Query Against Multiple Postgres Instances As If They’re One Server Using Starburst – (September 16 @ 1pm ET, 10am PT)

This session will share how to use an open-source abstraction layers such as Starburst to create a single federated point of access. By the end of the session, you will know how the architecture of this system works for Postgres servers, and know where to download and install it in your own environment.

Postgres Webinar – Live Demo: How To Query Against Multiple Postgres Instances As If They’re One Server Using Starburst – (September 30 @ 1pm ET, 10am PT)

As a follow up to the September 16 session, there will be a live demo of how to use Starburst as an abstraction layer for your queries. By the end of this session, you will know the architectures, engineering, and usage of Starburst for your own use-cases and environments and be able to see how it fits into your Postgres environment.


Virtual Conference – The 2020 Analytics Summit – (September 21-22)

Starburst Solution Architect, Clark Bradley will discuss how to accelerate business insights in a shifting data landscape using Presto. Register for the event here.

Virtual Conference – Great Lakes Digital Transformation Summit – (September 22-24)

At this upcoming virtual conference Starburst Co-founder & CEO, Justin Borgman, will deliver a session discussing what is “X Analytics” & how will it inform digital transformation. Register for the event here.



Presto News & Knowledge

Presto Turns 8 Years Old

Presto just turned eight years old only a few weeks ago and is just getting started. In this blog we take a look at how the Presto project began way back in 2012 and how the community has grown to where it is today.

Using Starburst To Federate SQL Queries Across Multiple Data Sources

In this blog post, Senthil Anandarangan and Ganesh Hegdewe share their experiences with trying out the data virtualization capabilities of Starburst by querying directly on the source data of multiple data sources.


The Death Of Apache Drill

One of the things that originally excited people about Presto it that it wasn’t tied to any Hadoop distribution like Apache Drill was to MapR. This blog looks at some of the reasons Drill failed to take off and how Presto has overcome those challenges.


Securing And Managing Multi-cloud Presto Clusters With Grab’s DataGateway

In 2016, Grab started the “DataGateway” project to better manage data access for the hundreds of Grabbers who needed access to Presto for their work. Since then, DataGateway has grown to become much more than just an access control mechanism for Presto. In this blog, they share what they’ve achieved since the initial launch of the project.


Podcast – The Founder Formula by Trace3: “This 2-Time Founder Ignored Tradition & Went Bootstrap”

Starburst Co-founder & CEO, Justin Borgman, joins the Founder Formula podcast to discuss what he’s learned from building two startups, the importance of company culture & values, and much more! Listen to the full episode here.


Presto Intro – Querying Multiple Data Sources With A Single Query Using Presto’s Query Federation

In this new series, Big Data Boutique provides an introduction to Presto and shows how to use it to combine data from several sources (S3, MySQL, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, etc) using Presto’s Query Federation feature.


Presto Releases & New Features 

Starburst on GCP Marketplace

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