Starburst Newsletter – April 2022

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Starburst & Trino April Newsletter

Welcome to the 44th issue of the Starburst Newsletter.

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Space Quest League


Releases and new features 

Starburst Enterprise updates:

The following are just SOME of the highlights of recent product developments:

  • Starburst Admin 1.3.1 released
  • Update Starburst Hive to 3.1.2-e.9
  • Update Helm chart to Starburst Ranger 2.1.0-e.37
  • `memsql` connector name changed to `singlestore`
  • Add support for JDBC connection pooling in Netezza

Our releases are coming fast! For all the details view full release notes for 373-e , 374-e, 375-e, and 376-e. Also, be sure to check out our developer blog

Also, if you are yet not on the latest release, please check out our latest backports.

e Starburst Galaxy Updates


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Join us at Cinco de Trino on May 5th! This is a half-day event filled with all things Trino, including a session hosted by Martin Traverso, Dain Sundstrom, and David Phillips. We are excited to bring fresh content that will cover Trino updates and features, Project Tardigrade, and some news from our Trino users!

Trino Community Broadcasts

Catch up on the latest episode:

See all the previous episodes of the Trino Community Broadcast! We’ve also updated the Hive connector table properties documentation. Check it out!

Trino Meetup Groups

We started three virtual groups: trino-americas, trino-emea, and trino-apac that will serve as a place for everyone to meet by timezone. Once we are able to do in person meet ups again, they will be a place to go if you don’t have a Trino meetup in your town or want to attend both physical and virtual meetups. The long term goal is to slowly expand to more local small meetups.

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