Starburst Newsletter – December 2021

Starburst & Trino December Newsletter

Welcome to the 40th issue of the Starburst Newsletter.

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Releases and New Features 

Starburst Galaxy is now available on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. The platform provides all the benefits of Starburst’s query engine on an easy to use, fully-managed SaaS platform. Starburst Galaxy’s guided user experience allows new users to get started querying their data lake in less than 5 minutes. We’re excited to invite you to try Starburst Galaxy with up to $500 in free credits right now: Starburst.io/Galaxy

We are thrilled to announce the 364-e LTS release of Starburst Enterprise. The 364-e release provides Starburst customers with net new capabilities alongside more advanced connectivity, improved performance, and an enhanced experience. Some notable features for this release include, official Apache Iceberg support, official support for MinIO, a new integration with dbt, enhancements to Starburst Insights, and new connectivity to Vertica and Splunk.


We are excited to invite you to the second annual Datanova, February 9th – 10th, 2022. This free virtual two-day summit will be packed with unique and educational content for data leaders and data practitioners alike. Register today!

Other Events

Meet the Starburst Voyagers! 

Starburst Voyagers are those who have embarked on data journeys like no other and taken their businesses to new heights with Starburst by their side. Learn more about what they’ve been able to accomplish with Starburst:

Introducing Starburst TV

Join us December 16, 2021 at 11 am EST for a LinkedIn Live session of Starburst TV: The Data Mesh Channel. In our first episode, Starburst’s VP of Data Mesh Consulting Services, Adrian Estala invites Verizon’s Executive Director of Governance, Risk and Compliance, Gavin Grounds to discuss how organizations can perhaps quantify risk on a mesh.

In this live session of The Data Mesh Channel, Adrian aims to cover the following topics:

  • Data Mesh provides a common framework to enable consistent data risk quantification
  • Data Products generate relevant and context-rich business discussions on data risks
  • Transparency in risk management is key to removing barriers to full data democratization

Reserve your spot, here!

Trino Meetup Groups

We started three virtual groups: trino-americas, trino-emea, and trino-apac that will serve as a place for everyone to meet by timezone. Once we are able to do in person meet ups again, they will be a place to go if you don’t have a Trino meetup in your town or want to attend both physical and virtual meetups. The long term goal is to slowly expand to more local small meetups.

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