Starburst Newsletter – July 2021

Welcome to the 35th issue of the Starburst Newsletter. Sorry we missed you last month, you can blame our web manager Rachel — she just couldn’t put down the new chapters of the O’Reilly Data Mesh book!

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News and knowledge

Releases and new features

Starburst Enterprise 356-e is now available. This is one of our biggest product releases to date! The 356-e release, as well as previous releases, provides Starburst customers with net new capabilities alongside more advanced connectivity, improved performance, and more robust security. Some notable features for this release include:

  • Support for write operations on Delta Lake. Starburst’s connector for Delta Lake now supports DML (Data Manipulation Language) that includes INSERT/DELETE/UPDATE in AWS and Azure. Now users don’t need to make all their Delta Lake updates outside of Starburst Enterprise.
  • Starburst Cached Views. Adds caching capabilities across different data sources that are transparent to the end user. For example, data from a relational database may be cached on S3. The end user will still issue the same query to the relational source and Starburst will redirect to read from the relational table to the cache in S3. Now, Starburst Cached Views allows customers to incrementally update new rows of data, without needing to execute a full refresh. Starburst Cached Views can now improve read performance up to 20x and update 100’s of times faster.
  • Starburst Insights SQL Worksheet. Starburst now provides an integrated SQL IDE to allow users to explore data without any external tools.

Read our product release blog for the full details!

Starburst Stargate
Available as an add-on for Starburst Enterprise customers, Starburst Stargate enables organizations to run cross-cloud analytics on data distributed across the globe. Additionally, it ensures compliance with global data sovereignty regulations, enabling organizations to analyze data residing across borders without moving it. Read more about why we built Starburst Stargate in Justin Borgman’s blog!


Featured Events

Datanova for Data Scientists

On Wednesday, July 14, 2021, join us for a half day of curated educational content designed specially for data scientists.

Trino Summit 2021
In person events are back! We’re hosting the first hybrid Trino Summit in San Francisco on October 13th, read more about this exciting event in our latest blog.

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Trino meetup groups

We started three virtual groups: trino-americas, trino-emea, and trino-apac that will serve as a place for everyone to meet by timezone. Once we are able to do in person meet ups again, they will be a place to go if you don’t have a Trino meetup in your town or want to attend both physical and virtual meetups. The long term goal is to slowly expand to more local small meetups.

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