Starburst Newsletter – May 2021

Welcome to the 34th issue of the Starburst Newsletter.

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Starburst Galaxy is available on AWS Marketplace
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Trino meetup groups

We started three virtual groups: trino-americas, trino-emea, and trino-apac that will serve as a place for everyone to meet by timezone. Once we are able to do in person meet ups again, they will be a place to go if you don’t have a Trino meetup in your town or want to attend both physical and virtual meetups. The long term goal is to slowly expand to more local small meetups.


Featured Event
Improving data access and insights using Starburst Trino at Optum
May 26th at 11am – 12pm ET

Join Optum’s Mike Prior, Principal Engineer, alongside Dwight Evers, Senior Solutions Architect at Starburst to talk about Optum’s success improving their data access and insights using Starburst Trino. Starburst Trino provides data consumers with a single point of secure access to all of your data no matter where it lives.

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Trino Community Broadcasts

Catch up on the latest episodes

  • Episode 14 – Iceberg: March of the Trinos
    This episode covers Apache Iceberg, a table format that replaces the table format.
  • Episode 15 – Iceberg right ahead!
    This episode continues the Iceberg theme by inviting Apache Iceberg creator, Ryan Blue, onto the show to discuss the inception and trajectory of the Iceberg project.
  • Episode 16 – Make data fluid with Apache Druid
    This episode talks about Apache Druid use cases, connector development, and various tradeoffs to how the connector is implemented. Special guests include the creators of the Trino Druid connector from Netflix, and the developer advocate from Druid.

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