Starburst Newsletter – September 2021

Welcome to the 37th issue of the Starburst Newsletter.

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News and Knowledge

Releases and new features

In August, we released (Q3) of Starburst Enterprise (360-e LTS). Improvements in this release have brought up to 10X performance enhancements for some queries in the TPC Benchmark. In addition to delivering faster performance, this new release provides new capabilities such as Starburst Cached Views, Atlas integration, authentication pass-through, and connectivity for DynamoDB.

Here’s the press release, and our product release blog so you can learn more.

Some notable features for this release include:

  • Starburst Cached Views expands with materialized views. Starburst Cached Views allows domain experts to easily enrich, transform, and move data according to their needs. 
  • A new proprietary Parquet reader, improving read performance on Parquet files by an average of 20% over Trino.
  • Starburst’s Atlas integration enables customers to push metadata on tables, views, and columns to Atlas along with data lineage between the assets. This integration allows sensitive data to be tracked as it is moved to ensure future access maintains the same security controls.
  • Starburst can now authenticate with OIDC-compliant identity providers and pass-through identity to underlying data sources. This allows organizations to centralize authentication control for improved security and reduced operational overhead. 
  • Starburst has added connectivity for DynamoDB. Previously, customers needed to extract data from DynamoDB and load into another database for SQL analytics.
  • Enhanced support for the Delta Lake format. Starburst now has native statistics collection that is used by Starburst’s cost-based optimizer to improve query performance by a factor of 2x. Starburst also integrates with the Delta Lake OPTIMIZE command which allows for more efficient data organization, thus further increasing the performance of Delta Lake queries.



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