Starburst and Tableau

The Tableau Cloud integration in Starburst Galaxy simplifies challenges data engineers and analysts face by providing a seamless workflow from data access to visualization.

Tableau and Starburst Announce New “One-Click” Connectivity

Further Simplifying BI on the Modern Data Lake

“Starburst is an essential part of our overarching Data mesh initiative that gives the user the flexibility to access data through a single point, rather than having to go around to 10 different data sources.”

Ritesh Ranjan, Lead Data Architect, Sky

Enhanced Data Access and Connectivity

Starburst Galaxy provides a unified discovery, governance, and consumption layer for your data, enabling users to access and query data from multiple sources within Tableau Cloud. Whether the data resides in data lakes, data warehouses, or in operational databases, users can connect to it effortlessly using Galaxy’s enhanced data access. 

Accelerated Performance and Scalability

By leveraging Starburst Galaxy, Tableau Cloud users experience improved performance and scalability. The distributed nature of Trino allows for parallel processing and optimized query execution, enabling data engineers and analysts to handle massive datasets without compromising speed or performance.

Collaboration and Data Governance

Starburst Galaxy offers robust data governance and security features, ensuring that data accessed through Tableau Cloud is protected and compliant with organizational policies. Define fine-grained access controls down to the row-level and implement enterprise-grade security measures in just a few clicks.

“Historically, it is only the curated, transformed, refined data stored in warehouses that people get access to. But that only provides one view of what the user is asking for — it doesn’t give them the larger view of the data. The ability to tap into the unknown and come up with recommendations that will change how we do business and how we provide capabilities to our customers is going to be a big, big change.”

Sachin Gopalakrishna Menon, Senior Director of Data, Priceline

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