The open data lakehouse platform

Get the performance of a data warehouse and the scale of a data lake, on a fully-managed multi-cloud platform.

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Your storage, our platform

Discover, govern, query, and share your data – all from a single platform.

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Scale without compromise

Galaxy is powered by the leading SQL query engine, Trino. Get warehouse-like performance directly on your data lake and easily tailor your compute to the needs of your workload.

    • Run 1000s of concurrent queries on an enhanced Trino engine
    • Speed up data lake queries with smart indexing and caching via Warp Speed –  4x performance with 7x less compute
    • Ensure your transformation and batch workloads complete every time, with fault-tolerant execution

Reduce the complexity of your data lake

Data lakes are hard. Galaxy comes with built-in best practices to access, govern, query, and share the data in and around your data lake.

    • Find data faster with a universal interface that searches across regions and clouds and down to the column-level
    • Govern your data across data sources with built-in attribute-based access controls, row filters, and column masks
    • Drive self-service capabilities, improve data quality, and deliver faster insights with data product


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Manage pipelines, not infrastructure

    Focus on building and managing data pipelines, not data infrastructure. Provision, scale, and manage clusters in minutes. Simply select a cloud provider, a region, and a cluster size, and start querying.

      • Deploy optimized Trino clusters in minutes
      • Automatically scale clusters up and down with the needs of your workload
      • Query data across clouds, regions, and data sources from a single federated cluster

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