Starburst to Host Inaugural Trino Summit on October 21-22, 2021

Summit highlights Trino’s explosive growth and unique use cases, featuring speakers from Netflix, Tabular and DoorDash

BOSTON, October 14, 9a.m. ESTStarburst, the analytics anywhere company, today announced it will host the inaugural Trino Summit on October 21-22, 2021 sponsored by Amazon Web Services, Immuta, and Privacera. The Trino Summit will celebrate the incredible growth of the open source project with a speaker lineup that includes companies such as Starburst, Netflix, Tabular, and DoorDash. Starburst is also announcing the launch of trinoforum.org with the goal of making it easier for community members to navigate popular support topics.

Ten months after the rebranding of PrestoSQL to Trino, the distributed SQL query engine community & code continues to flourish. Despite the rebrand, community members and engagement metrics have grown significantly: Slack members have grown 57%, Github stars have seen 157% growth, and YouTube subscribers have grown 206%. Today, the Trino community stands stronger than ever with companies such as Netflix, LinkedIn, Lyft, Nielsen, Shopify, Pinterest, Salesforce and more playing a key role in its ongoing development.

This level of community growth is attributed to the attention to detail of all contributors to the project. This year brought an exciting array of new features that yield expanded utility to Trino, especially in enterprise analytics and security. Key new features include:

    • Updated SQL and OLTP features that bring Trino up to enterprise standards for BI and Analytics, including row pattern matching and window clauses.  
    • Security capabilities, such as auto-configuration TLS for internal comms and added support for configuring multiple password authentication plugins, that ensure you can meet company audit requirements.
    • Performance improvements for joins across low level data and query optimization, including the use of rank() window function and querying Parquet data for files containing column indexes.
  • Increased interoperability with other open source projects through the ClickHouse connector, BigQuery timestamp fixes, and updates to the Iceberg connector.

The Trino Summit aims to showcase the prowess of the open source project. It will feature numerous sessions on all of the new features and aspects of the project, as well as its unique use cases. Highlights of the summit include:

  • The State of Trino – Trino co-creators Martin Traverso, Dain Sundstrom, and David Phillips will cover all of the exciting new features and updates on the Trino project.
  • Fast Results Using Iceberg and Trino – Ryan Blue, Creator of Apache Iceberg and CEO of Tabular, will discuss how to speed up queries on your data lake using Iceberg and Trino.
  • How DoorDash Processes Petabytes of Data by Utilizing Trino – Data Platform Engineering Manager Akshat Nair and Staff Software Engineer Satya Boora from DoorDash discuss how to scale your data lake and process petabytes of data utilizing Trino.
  • Affinity Scheduling and Node-local Caching Effects on Query Latency – Senior Netflix Software Engineers Parth Brahmbhatt and Islam Ismailov will discuss how this new Trino architecture can beat some performance-oriented connectors with the added benefit of continuing to work with disaggregated storage, and having negligible integration costs.

“Dain, David and I are thrilled to see the growth of the Trino project and community,” said Martin Traverso, Trino and Presto Co-Creator and Starburst CTO. “It’s always been our goal to create a lasting open source project and today we’re millions of downloads strong and growing. The recent enhancements spanning performance, security, and connectivity are all fundamental to the continued success of our code, and this inaugural Trino Summit gives us an opportunity to continue building our community.”

Each year, the community publishes a summary blog post detailing the extensive list of features that landed in the project since Trino split from the Presto project. See the blogs from 2019 and 2020 for more details. 

“Starburst takes its role in the Trino community very seriously,” said Justin Borgman, Starburst CEO and co-founder. “While we have a vested interest in seeing the Trino community succeed, we see our role as stewards rather than captains. We contributed multiple features from the Starburst product back to the project this year, and we’re excited to share that we’ve launched trinoforum.org to help community members easily navigate support topics. Hosting the inaugural Trino Summit is another step in helping guide this wonderful community.” 

To attend the Trino Summit, register here

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