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Starburst gives FINRA a scalable, cost-effective way to analyze its constantly growing volumes of data

Address the challenges of massive data growth and increasing demand for efficient computing in the public sector

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) carries out this mission by analyzing billions of daily trading events from financial institutions to detect fraud, insider trading, and abuse. To address the challenges of massive data growth and increasing demand for efficient computing, FINRA migrated its legacy data warehousing systems to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) data lake. When redesigning its data platform, FINRA chose to separate compute and storage and query its multi-PB AWS data lake using Starburst Enterprise, the world’s fastest distributed SQL query engine.


How Starburst Enterprise Benefits FINRA

Scalability and Elasticity

With Starburst, there is no need to worry about data storage or compute resources, FINRA could now scale compute up and down as desired with no need to provision for peak usage anymore.


Starburst helped eliminate FINRA’s data silos, increasing time to insight and overall data accessibility in the cloud.


Query performance optimization with Starburst resulted in faster analytics as well as a significant reduction of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) costs.

Starburst separates compute and storage, making it possible to scale economically and analyze 25PB of data— 100B rows of new data per day from 25+ sources.

Ivan Black,
Director, FINRA

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