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Using Presto as a Query Layer in a Distributed Microservices Architecture

Presto Summit Webinar Series

Presto has found its place as a SQL-based query engine for big data in the new stack, but it does not have to be limited to big data and large scale analytics applications.

In this presentation, Henning highlights how Presto helped Zuora to transform its monolithic data architecture for an online transactional system into a loosely coupled, services-based architecture. In doing so it helped us to solve the most pressing problem when splitting up data, providing direct to access production data across many services and enabling complex data queries across live data. Zuora Data Query was an instant success when it was launched.

In this webinar you will discover:

In this June 30th, 2020 webinar, Chief Architect at Zuora, Henning Schmiedehausen, kicks off our Presto Summit Webinar Series by discussing how Zuora uses Presto as a Query Layer in a Distributed Microservices Architecture.


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